2017 China's Native Advertising Report

Source:iResearchFebruary 12,20185:22 PM Overview Native ads as an audience-friendly advertising form has huge potential for future development, and it is now evolving from search ads in the beginning to more rich and integrated form. iResearch estimates that the revenue of China’s native ads will reach 163.85 billion Yuan in 2017 with a share of nearly 40% in the whole online advertising market, and it’s expected that the revenue will account for half or even more of the online advertising market by 2020.

Table of Contents of The Full Report


1 Concept Explanation: History of Native Ads
1.1 Definition of Research Object
1.2 Relationship Among Native Ads, Online Ads and Content Marketing
1.3 Six Fundamental Elements of Native Ads
1.4 Development of Native Ads: From Stage 1.0 To 3.0
1.5 Native Ads Is Becoming The Mainstream
1.6 Typical Native Ads Form Formed on Online Platform Giants in US

2. History of China’s Native Ads Market
2.1 Beginning Stage I: Main Development Driver of Native Ads in China
2.2 Beginning Stage II: Main Reason For Native Ads Presence in Chinese Market
2.3 Industry Chain of China Native Ads
2.4 Further Development I: Diversified Native Ad Forms
2.5 Further Development II: Joint Growth of Native Ads

3. Advantages and Competitive Power of Native Ads
3.1 Advantage I: Fast Growing Revenue
3.2 Advantage II: Diversified Advertising Forms
3.3 Market Concentration Level: New-comers Also Play An Important Role in The Market
3.4 Core Competitive Power: More Than Effective
3.5 Business Modes and Selling Modes of Native Ads

4. Novel Business Modes and Ideas
4.1 Case Study: Carriers and Business Modes of Native Ads
4.2 Qihoo 360 Native Ad Strategies
4.3 Case Study: Qihoo 360 + Suning Online
4.4 iQiyi Native Ad Strategies
4.5 Case Study: iQiyi + Toyota
4.6 Baidu Native Ad Strategies
4.7 Toutiao Native Ad Strategies
4.8 Weibo Native Ad Startegies
4.9 Case Study: Weibo + Taobao New Fashion
4.10 Yidian Zixun Native Ad Strategies
4.11 Case Study: Yidian Zixun + Airbnb
4.12 Case Study: Moviebook & Technology
4.13 Analysis Of Core Products and Advertising Forms of Moviebook
4.14 Case Study: Moviebook + Top Variety Shows & Popular Series

5. Future Prediction
5.1 Expanding Potential Market
5.2 New Era: AI + Native Products
5.3 Complete Experience and Native Scenarios
5.4 Breaking The Wall Between Different Business Modes

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