2018 Report on Changes in The Commercial Functions of Third-party Payment in China

Source:iResearchFebruary 13,20189:23 AM Overview Payment is a business based on scenarios. At present, the main online traffic scenarios are monopolized and the growth has reached a bottleneck, resulting in a fierce competitive environment. However, the situation of offline payment is completely different. There are a lot of payment scenarios remains to be developed. There are 6.6 million retail outlets in China, including grocery stores, convenience stores and tobacco and alcohol stores. In 2016, their sales volume reached 2.3 trillion yuan. With QR code, smart POS and other payment tools, the sales of these retail outlets are likely to be included in the third-party payment business. The vast market prospects of offline business have attracted most of the payment companies.


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1. New Background For Development of Third-party Payment
1.1 The Impact of Policy Environment on The Value of Payment Licenses
1.2 Prospects For Offline Payment Scenarios
1.3 Technology Drives Offline Payment
1.4 China's Third-party Payment Industry Size

2 Development of Functions of Third-party Payment in China
2.1 Offline Payment Industry Chain
2.2 Size and Structure of Third-party Payment Transaction
2.3 Analysis of The Core Demands and Function of The Accounts
2.4 Analysis of The Core Demands and Function of Acceptance Terminals
2.5 Case Study of Acceptance Terminals
2.6 Analysis of The Limited Number of Licenses

3 Changes in China’s Third-party Payment Industry in The Future
3.1 Offline Payment Scenarios Remain The Main Battlefield
3.2 Supported by Policies, The Good Money Drives Out Bad
3.3 The Overall Value of The Payment Transaction Chain Has Become Increasingly Prominent

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