2017 China's Internet Finance Sector Report

Source:iResearchFebruary 27,20189:51 AM Overview In 2016 and 2017, online wealth management kept growing vigorously. Especially, in 2017, affected by the high interest on the interbank market, financial products based on account balance became increasingly popular. The leading product on this market, Yu’e Bao, amazed the world by its record-high scale. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 The Macro Environment of Finance Industry
1.1 Analysis of Macro Economy in China
1.2 Analysis of Demographic Changes in China
1.3 The Impact of Urbanization on The Development of The Finance Industry
1.4 The Size of Finance Credit in China
1.5 Analysis of Credit Card Market in China
1.6 The Number of Credit Users in China

2 The Internal Logic of Internet Finance
2.1 The Historical Background of Online Credit in China
2.2 Analysis of Internet Finance Users in China
2.3 Number of Credit Cards Issued by Banks in China
2.4 Analysis of Online Credit Industry in China
2.5 Analysis of Online Assets Management Industry in China
2.6 Analysis of Third-party Payment Industry in China

3 Value Assessment of Financial Platforms
3.1 The Applicability of Traditional Valuation Method
3.2 The New Internet Valuation Method
3.3 Analysis of Internet Finance Valuation of Advanced Companies
3.4 Other Indicators to Help Assess The Value of Internet finance platforms

4 Future Prospects
4.1 Trends of Regulatory
4.2 The System of The Lender of Last Resort

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