2018 China's New Retail Species Report

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This report first explodes the background, motivation and main features of current retail upgrading in China and analyzes the role shifting of retailers. Then the report will conduct case study of new retail species such as pan fresh food, clothing, 3C and home furnishing so as to illustrate the periodical features of domestic retail upgrading. Finally, the report will outlook the future of retail upgrading.

The Table of Contents of The Full Report

1. What Is New Retail Species?
1.1 Concept Definition
1.2 Research Method

2. Why Did New Retailing Emerge?
2.1 Historical Analysis: The Unique Development Path of China’s Retail Industry
2.2 Deconstruction: A New Understanding of The Relationship Between Online & Offline Retail
2.3 Recomposing: Inevitability & Feasibility of New Retail

3. Features and Role Shifting During Retail Upgrades
3.1 Main Features of Current Retailing Upgrades
3.2 Disruptive Shifting of Retailers’ Roles

4. Typical Modes of New Retail
4.1 New Retail in Pan Fresh Food
4.2 New Retail in Clothing
4.3 New Retail in 3C
4.4 New Retail in Home Furnishing
5. Future Trends of Retail Upgrading
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