2018 China's Smart Catering Sector Report

Source:iResearchMay 18,20187:39 AM Overview Affected by the penetration of internet, the catering industry is increasingly internet-based. From the online ratings at the early time to the emergence of group-buying, food delivery and other models, the catering industry has become one of the most internet-based segments in the local life O2O industry. and ordering takeout, online ordering and group-buying have become an essential part of our daily life. In 2017, GMV of China’s catering O2O sector reached 779.96 billion Yuan, growing at an amazing rate of 87.0% YoY. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Development of China’s Internet + Catering Sector
1.1 Current Status and Pain Points of Traditional Catering Industry
1.2 Internet Is Penetrating Catering Industry
1.3 Arrival of The New Catering Era
1.4 Internet + Catering in The Second Half

2 Core Value of Smart Catering Sector

2.1 Definition of Smart Catering

2.2 Introduction of Smart Catering Products

2.2.1 Software: The Usually Adopted SaaS Architecture is a Change to Traditional Software Services
Compared With Traditional Software, SaaS Has Clear Advantages
Core Functions of Smart Catering Management Software: Whole-process Smart Services For Catering Merchants

2.2.2 Hardware: Summery of Big Data Based on Extended Services of Smart POS Terminals and Combination With Cashier System
Diversified Forms of Smart Payment Hardware Products
Upgraded Functions to Meet Various Merchant Demands

2.3 Core Value of Smart Catering
2.3.1 Focusing of Cashier System to Connect The Merchants and Consumers
2.3.2 Consumers: Upgraded Experiences For “Come-eat-leave”
2.3.3 Merchants: Improve Efficiency
Optimize Operation Facilitate Marketing
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