2018 China's FinTech Development Report — Case Study of Aicai Group

Source:iResearchMay 24,20187:33 AM Overview From 2016, the internet finance sector started to shift from traffic-driven to FinTech-driven. Currently FinTech is still at the initial stage in China, but the immature financial market provides favorable environment for its fast development. In 2017, the revenue of the FinTech enterprises in China was 654.14 billion Yuan. It is expected by iResearch that in 2020, the revenue of FinTech enterprises will be 1,970.49 billion Yuan.Aicai Group is a typical FinTech company that focuses on scenarios and relies on FinTech to expand the scope of inclusive finance. It provides the young users with accompanied consumer finance services. It has created a financial service ecosystem of “financial ecosystem + FinTech + asset management”for young users. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report


1 Development of FinTech in China 1.1 Online Finance is Entering an Era That it is Technology-driven
1.2 Difference in Development of FinTech in China and US
1.3 FinTech is Still at The Early Stage in China
1.4 Industrial Chain of FinTech in Consumer Finance Sector in China
1.5 FinTech Infrastructure is Improving in China
1.6 Online Loan Will Boom in China This Year
1.7 The Loan Service Model is a Combination of FinTech With Consumer Finance
1.8 Development Trend of FinTech in China

2 Case Study of Aicai Group
2.1 Profile of Aicai Group
2.2 Financial Model of Aicai Group
2.3 Financial Ecosystem of Aicai Group
2.4 FinTech of Aicai Group
2.5 Risk Control Model of Aicai Group
2.6 Asset Management Model of Aicai Group
2.7 Strategic Layout of Aicai Group
2.8 Core Competitiveness of Aicai Group

3 What We Learn From Case Study of Aicai Group
3.1 What We Learn From Case Study of Aicai Group
3.2 What We Learn From Case Study of Aicai Group
3.3 What We Learn From Case Study of Aicai Group
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