2018 China's Fresh Flower E-commerce Sector & Users Report

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From 2013 to 2017, Fresh Flower E-commerce sector saw 47 financing activities, mainly of series B or earlier rounds and less than ten million Yuan. Huaji.com, Amorflora and 24tidy were listed on the New OCT Market in 2015. and among them, 24tidy quitted in June 2017. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Analysis of The Whole Industrial Chain of Fresh Flower Sector in China
1.1 The Whole Consumption Chain of Fresh Flowers
1.2 Flower-producing Regions
1.3 Planting Structure
1.4 Planting Efficiency
1.5 After-picking Management
1.6 Circulation Channel
1.7 Logistics & Transportation
1.8 Policy Support 1.9 Consumption Features

2 Route Optimization and Model Analysis of Fresh Flower E-commerce in China
2.1 Capital-driven
2.2 Revenue
2.3 Industrial Chain
2.4 Model Comparison
2.5 Products of Typical Enterprises
2.6 Supply and Demand
2.7 Supply Chain
2.8 Operation
2.9 Key Operation Links - Logistics
2.10 Key Operation Links - Promotion & Marketing
2.11 The Industry

3 Insights Into Users of Fresh Flower E-commerce
3.1 Consumers of Fresh Flowers on The Whole
3.2 Fresh Flower E-commerce Users
3.3 Enterprise Example - Users of Flowerplus
3.4 Potential Users of Fresh Flower E-commerce

4 Business Forms and Models of Typical Fresh Flower E-commerce
4.1 Flowerplus
4.2 Roseonly
4.3 Huaji.com
4.4 Easyflower

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