2018 Semi-Annual Report of China's Retail Trends

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The retail index of 3,000 key retail enterprises in China has fluctuated and increased since June 2016. Considering the impact of seasonal fluctuations, the recovery of the physical retail industry has just begun. For e-commerce, the surge in online customer acquisition cost and the recovery of physical retail have contributed to the motivation of penetration in the offline market. Domestic retail e-commerce has experienced a period of rapid growth.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

Industry Development Overview

1 Trend 1: Online and Offline Integration Accelerates
1.1 Analysis of The Motivation of Online and Offline Integration
1.1.1 The Cost of Gaining New Customers Online Surges. Pure E-commerce Model Needs Transformation
1.1.2 Physical Retail Recovers. Offline Resource Value is Re-evaluated
1.1.3 The Popularity of Retail Infrastructure and Application of The Core Technology
1.2 Forms of Online and Offline Integration
1.2.1 Integration Based on Consumption Experience Reconstruction
1.2.2 Integration Based on Improvement of Supply Chain Efficiency
1.2.3 Integration Based on Extension of Consumer Scenario
2 Trend 2: Social E-commerce Develops Rapidly
2.1 The Inner Logic of Social E-commerce
2.2 Forms of Social E-commerce
2.2.1 Business Value of Social Traffic Portals
2.2.2 Platformized Operation of Social E-commerce

3 Trend 3: The Increase and Expansion of Online Pan-retail Categories
3.1 Different Stages of The Development of Online Shopping Categories
3.2 The Increase and Expansion of Pan-retail Categories on E-commerce Platforms
3.2.1 Horizontal Expansion: The Non-traditional Retail Commodity Categories Keep Increasing
3.2.2 Vertical Expansion: Services Are Increasingly Diversified

4 Consumer Trends: Different Characteristics of Different Generations and Upgrading Consumption
4.1 Different Characteristics of Different Generations: Increasingly Mature and Rational Consumers and De-sexualized Consumption
4.2 Consumption Upgrade: Concept of High-quality Life Leads to Refined Consumption

5 Overview: The Consumption in Different Regions is Increasingly Balanced and is Experiencing High-quality Development
5.1 E-commerce Channels Expand in Lower-tier Cities. The Volume of Orders of Lower-tier Cities is Increasing
5.2 High Quality Development of E-commerce Business

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