2018 China's New Middle Class Spirit Consumption Upgrading Report

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New middle class pay much attention to enjoyment and recreation consumption. Car/car accessories, 3C products, clothes, shoes & bags, luxury are top concerns. 44.6% and 40.2% of new middle class pay attention to education and entertainment respectively, indicating that they pay the same attention to culture as to physical products. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report


1 Background of New Middle Class and Their Consumption Features
1.1 People Born During 1970-1999 Account For Half of The Total Population
1.2 Background 80/90 Generation – Fast Development of Economy and Education
1.3 Consumption Demand of 80/90 Generation Promotes Consumption Upgrading
1.4 Education & Entertainment Are Among Top10 Concerns of New Middle Class
1.5 Fast Increase of Spending of New Middle Class on Spirit Consumption

2 New Middle Class Consumption Upgrading: Feelings Moved
2.1 Have a Good Drink: Good Wine Is The Spice of Life
2.2 Travel Around: High-income Groups Travel Every Year
2.3 Travel-addicted Group: Hope to See a Different Self
2.4 66.6% of New Middle Class Travel Beyond China
2.5 Profound Travel Content Is Popular

3 New Middle Class Consumption Upgrading: in Pursuit of “Delicacy & Beauty”
3.1 Have a Good Living: High-tech Has Become The New Aesthetic to Choose Household Appliance
3.2 Have a Good Fun: Art Is Integrated in Daily Life of New Middle Class
3.3 Have a Good Meal: Neither Nice Food Nor Atmosphere Can Be Dispensed With
3.4 Life is Art and We Are All Artists
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