2018 China's Pan-entertainment Live Streaming Marketing Report

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According to mUserTracker in April 2018, a database that measures Chinese mobile Internet user behaviors, which was launched by iResearch Consulting Group,  the total monthly effective use time of various kinds of entertainment Apps reached 73.86 billion hours, with a compound annual growth rate of 30.6%. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report


Core Views

1 Current Status of the Pan-entertainment Live Streaming industry
1.1 The Length and Methods of Mobile Internet Entertainment Have Both Increased
1.2 The Size of Mobile Live Streaming Viewers Tends to be Stable
1.3 Stickiness of Mobile Live Streaming Viewers is Rising
1.4 The Ecological Chain of the Live Streaming Industry is Improving
1.5 Industry Supervision Contributes to The Benign Development of the Platforms
1.6 Key Words of Development Pan-entertainment Live Streaming

2 Characteristics of Pan-entertainment Live Streaming Viewers
2.1 Changes in the Gender and Age Composition of Live Streaming Viewers
2.2 The Cities and Income of Live Streaming Viewers
2.3 The Purposes and Preferred Contents of the live streaming Viewers Are Diversified
2.4 Viewers Are Willing to Interact With Streamers and Make Payment
2.5 Young Viewers Give More Tip to The Streamers

3 The Trends of Pan-entertainment Live Streaming marketing
3.1 Exploration of the Commercialization Path of Pan-entertainment Live Streaming
3.2 Scale of China's Online Live Streaming Marketing
3.3 Advantages of Pan-entertainment Live Streaming Marketing
3.4 Users’ Attitude Towards Live Streaming Marketing
3.5 The Main Modes of Pan-entertainment Live Streaming Marketing
3.6 Layout of Pan-entertainment Live Streaming Platform Marketing
3.7 Trends of Pan-entertainment Live Streaming Platform Marketing

4 Case Study
4.1 Case Study of Inke “Live Streaming +” Exploration Marketing 4.2 Case Study of Inke Cherry Blossom Girls & Starry Night Marketing
4.3 Case Study of One-Stop Marketing Solution of Momo
4.4 Case Study of YY Live Streaming Interaction Marketing of Typical Live Streaming Marketing Companies

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