2018 Chinese Internet Property Insurance User Report

Source:iResearchAugust 09,20188:25 AM Overview
In the first half of 2018, the Insurance Association of China cooperated with iResearch to conduct Internet property insurance user research. The research mainly relies on the questionnaires on iResearch iClick Community-New. By analyzing 5008 questionnaires, we try to fully reflect the characteristics, purchase behaviors, purchase of new products, purchase channels and satisfaction degree of Internet property insurance users in 2018. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report


1. Analysis of Internet Property Insurance Users
1.1 Users Are Mainly Aged 26-45
1.2 Married People Are More Likely to Buy Insurance
1.3 Middle- and High-income People Are More Likely to Buy Insurance
1.4 Most Users Have Bachelor's Degrees
1.5 Users Have a Clear Understanding of The Value of Insurance
1.6 Implications for Insurance Companies

2. Analysis of the Purchase Behavior of Internet Property Insurance Users
2.1 Users Usually Buy Insurance Products Near the Insurance Expiration Date
2.2 A High Proportion of Users Make Payment Online
2.3 Most Users Spend Less Than 10,000 Yuan on Insurance Every Year
2.4 Categories of Most Frequently Purchased Insurance Products Only Changed Slightly
2.5 The Actual Purchase Behaviors Are in Line With The Real Demand
2.6 Claims and Brands Have the Greatest Influences on Users’ Selection
2.7 The Complexity of the Terms is the Obstacle to Making Purchases
2.8 Implications for Insurance Companies

3. Analysis of the Purchase of New Internet Property Insurance
3.1 Transportation Vehicle Accident Insurance, Fund Account Insurance, Million Yuan Insurance Are the Three Most Frequently Purchased New Insurance Products
3.2 The Original Purpose of Users is to Avoid Risks
3.3 Most Users Spend Less Than 1,5000 Yuan on New Insurance Every Year
3.4 Purchase of New Types of Insurance Products
3.5 Channels to Purchase New Insurance
3.6 Channels to Purchase Different Types of New Insurance
3.7Companies That Provide New Insurance Products
3.8 Implications for Insurance Companies

4. Use of Insurance Apps and User Satisfaction
4.1 Important Functions of Insurance Apps
4.2 Usage of Insurance Apps
4.3 Main Advantages of Third-party Apps
4.4 Users’ Expectation of Claim Services
4.5 Users’ Satisfaction of Different Links in The Purchase of New Insurance Products
4.6 Net Promoter Score of Insurance Users is 8.55%
4.7 Implications for Insurance Companies

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