2018 China's Third-party E-Signature Sector Report

Source:iResearchAugust 14,20181:11 PM Overview
E-signature has two processes: electronic authentication and online signing. After real name authentication, both enterprise and individual users may sign the electronic documents online by handwritten e-signature, uploading electronic seals and other ways. E-signature is mainly used in approval of internal documents and signing external contracts. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Overview of third-party e-signature
1.1 Concept of E-signature
1.2 Types of Third-party E-signature
1.3 Functions of Third-party E-signature
1.4 Core Value of Third-party E-signature Services

2 Development of Third-party E-signature Market
2.1 Development Environment of The Market
2.2 Investment & Financing of The Sector
2.3 Industrial Chain of Third-party E-signature
2.4 Industry System of Third-party E-signature
2.5 Business Model of Third-party E-signature
2.6 Development Characteristics of The Market
2.7 Blockchain & E-signature
2.8 Market Competition Landscape

3 Application Scenarios of Third-party E-signature
3.1 Application Scenarios of Third-party E-signature
3.2 Application Scenario – B2B Platform
3.3 Application Scenario – Government
3.4 Application Scenario – Manufacturing Industry
3.5 Application Scenario – Internet Finance

4 Case Study of Typical Enterprises
4.1 Tsign
4.2 Easysign
4.3 Anxinsign

5 Future Development Trend of The Sector
5.1 Development Trend of The Sector

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