Report of China's Food Delivery Apps in H1 2018

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As people become increasingly busy with work and as the pace of life get faster and faster, white-collar workers prefer food delivery service. The number of APP users 
in the food delivery industry is stable in the first half of 2018. The existing users become the focus of competition.

Table of Contents of The Full Report


1.Traffic of Food Delivery Apps in H1 2018
1.1 Food Delivery Apps Are Stabilizing, and Thus The Existing User Group Is The Key Factor For Further Development
1.2 The World Cup Has Little Influence on The Increase of Food Delivery App Users
1.3 The Growth of The Payment Index Has Slowed Down. In June 2018, The MoM Growth of Payment Index Was 4.7%.
1.4 The World Cup Led to a Small Increase Of The Payment Index. Order Volume Still Peaks at Weekends
1.5 85% Users Use Only One Food Delivery App For Food Ordering
1.6 Installed Food Delivery Apps Are Higher Than The Uninstalled Apps and Oppo App Store Was The Main Download Source

2.Traffic of Food Delivery Applets in H1 2018
2.1 The Food Delivery Applets’ Contribution to Food Delivery Platforms Rose In Q2
2.2 The Traffic Dividend Of Applets Gradually Becomes Obvious. The Device Index of Food Delivery Applets Grew Rapidly During The World Cup

3.Analysis of Food Delivery App Users in H1 2018
3.1 The Proportion Of Male and Female App Users in The Food Delivery Industry Becomes Closer. But The Most Users Are Still Female
3.2 Working People Between 25 and 35 Years Old Are The Main Users of Food Delivery Apps
3.3 Expansion of Channels In Smaller Cities, Increasing Number Of Users in Second-Tier Cities and Huge Potential in Third-Tier Cities
3.4 Male Users Use Food Delivery Apps More Frequently and For a Longer Time Than Female Users on Average Every Day.
3.5 The Traffic Peaks on Saturday
3.6 Most Users Have The Highest Demand For Food Delivery Services On Non-Holiday Weekends and The Lowest Demand on Holiday Weekends.
3.7 Lunch Time and Supper Time Are Peak Time For Food Delivery Apps and During The World Cup, a Higher Share Of Users Order Midnight Snacks.

4.Portrait of Food Delivery Applet Users in H1 2018
4.1 Food Delivery Applets Have a Balanced Share of Male and Female Users, With a Slightly Higher Share of Female Users and 80s/90s As The Main Force.
4.2 In Third-Tier and Fourth-Tier Cities, The Share of The Applet Users Is Higher Than That of The App

5.Analysis of Typical Food Delivery Platforms—Meituan Waimai
5.1 The Users Mostly Download Meituan Waimai App From OPPO App Store
5.2 The Low User Overlapping Level of Meituan Waimai App and Other Apps From Meituan Suggests a Huge Traffic Mutual-Complementation Possibility in Meituan Ecosystem in

The Future.
5.3 The Portrait of Meituan Waimai App Users and Meituan Waimai Applet Users Is in Line With The Portrait of Users of The Whole Food Delivery Industry

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