2018 China's Smart Home Industry Report

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After Google acquired Nest, the smart home market becomes popular in China. Relevant parties in the industry chain, including home appliance companies, consumer electronics, Internet companies, and operators, etc., develop their own smart hardware products and carry out layouts of ecological platforms. Cross-border cooperation and open ecology have become the mainstream. Based on the development background and history of China's smart home industry, this report analyzes the structure of industry chain, business model, and competitive elements, as well as explores the future development trends of the industry according to the survey of practitioners.

Table of Contents of The Full Report (49 Pages)


1 Development Background and Current Status of Smart Home Industry
1.1 China’s Smart Home: Concept and Definition
1.2 China’s Smart Home: Characteristics of The Industry
1.3 China’s Smart Home: Development Background
1.3.1 Policy Environment
1.3.2 Economic Environment
1.3.3 Social Environment
1.3.4 Technical Environment
1.4 China’s Smart Home: Development History
1.5 China’s Smart Home: Investment and Financing

2 Analysis of The Smart Home Industry Chain
2.1 Smart Home Industry in China and The U.S.: Comparison of Development Situations
2.2 China’s Smart Home: Analysis of The Industry Chain
2.3 China’s Smart Home: Industry Map
2.4 China’s Smart Home: Key Products
2.5 China’s Smart Home: Main Application Scenes
2.6 China’s Smart Home: Business Model
2.7 China’s Smart Home: Sales Channels
2.8 China’s Smart Home: Market Size
2.9 China’s Smart Home: Competitive Factors
2.9.1 Hardware Products
2.9.2 Ecological Model
2.9.3 Communication Protocol

3 Survey of The Practitioners in The Smart Home Industry
3.1 Description of The Survey Sample
3.2 Basic Situation of The Survey
3.3 China’s Smart Home: Obstacles to Industry Development
3.4 China’s Smart Home: The Time and Driving Forces of Rapid Development of The Industry
3.5 China’s Smart Home: The First Area to Enjoy Rapid Development
3.6 China’s Smart Home: The First Scenes of The Application of Smart Home
3.7 China’s Smart Home: The Dominant Position of the Communication Protocol
3.8 China’s Smart Home: The Most Promising User Portal
3.9 China’s Smart Home: Attitude Towards Industry Development

4 Case Study of The Typical Companies
4.1 Home Appliances Enterprises: Taking Haier as an Example
4.2 Hardware Ecology Chain - Taking Xiaomi as an Example
4.3 Whole House Smart Home - Taking LifeSmart as an Example
4.4 Growth Companies: Taking ORVIBO as an Example
4.5 Operators - Taking China Telecom as an Example

5 Development Trends of Smart Home Industry
5.1 Industry Trends
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