2018 China's Online Advertising Market Report

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In 2017-2018, the overall advertising market in Chinese maintained vitality. The partnership and cooperation between the upstream and the downstream have been continuously strengthened, and the feature of refinement is obvious. The types of advertisers in the emerging internet industries have increased. The definition of traditional “media” is no longer suitable, and the service chain of marketing service providers keeps expanding.


Table of Contents of The Full Report (96 Pages)

Report Abstract and Core Data

I. Keywords of Online Advertising: Creativity, Integration, Optimization
1. External Influence on China's Online Advertising Market in 2018
2. The Core Elements of China's Online Advertising Market in 2018
3. Keywords of China's Online Advertising Market in 2018

II. Potential Still Exists: Growth of Scale Continues to Lengthen the Life Cycle
1. Analysis of The Status Quo of China's Advertising Market
2. Characteristics of Online Advertising: Integration and Refinement
3. The Development of Mobile Advertising: Fragmented Content + Creative Forms
4. Mobile Advertising Occupies The Most Important Position
5. Native Advertising Will Be The Mainstream of Online Advertising in The Future

III. Barbaric Growth: New Forms of Advertising Bring New Space
1. Market Shares of Different Forms of Advertising
2. Search Advertising Market
3. Brand Image Advertising Market
4. News Feed Advertising Market

IV. The New Analysis of “Media”: Innovation in Content Carriers
1. Overview of the Development of Online Advertising in Different Types of Media
2. Shares of Different Media in Mobile Advertising Market
3. Search Engine Advertising market
4. Portal and Information Advertising market
5. Vertical Industry Media Advertising market
6. E-commerce Advertising market
7. Online Video Advertising market
8. Social Network Advertising market

V. Analysis of the Revenue From Online Advertising of The Core Industries and Enterprises in China
1. Development of Core Enterprises in The Online Advertising Market in 2017
2. Current Status of Search Engine Industry in China
3. Current Status of Online Video Industry in China
4. Current Status of News and Information Industry in China

VI. Placement of Online Display Adverting by Industry in China
1. Spending on Display Adverting by Industry
2. Spending of Automobile Advertisers on Display Advertising
3. Spending of Real Estate Advertisers on Display Adverting
4. Spending of Financial Service Advertisers on Display Adverting
5. Spending of IT Product Advertisers on Display Adverting
6. Spending of FMCG Advertisers on Display Adverting

Keywords, Concepts and Definition
Appendix: TOP50 Online Video Content in China 2017

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