2018 China's Family Parenting App Users Report

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With the improvement of conditions and the upgrading of ideas, parenting has become a “family event” which involve all family members. Besides mothers, more family members are playing increasingly important roles in it. With China's “second  policy”, the number of people with baby in the family have increased steadily. 


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1. Overview of The Development of Family Parenting Industry in China
1.1 Number of families with babies keeps increasing. Family members’ participation in parenting has increased significantly
1.2 With the renewal of attitude towards family and work, the working mothers playing multiple roles become the mainstream
1.3 The fathers are also the main force of parenting, paying more attention to forward-looking education planning
1.4 Grandparents contribute a lot to taking care of the babies. Scientific and rational parenting by grandparents become the trend
1.5 In March 2018, MAU of parenting Apps reached 82.465 million, increasing by nearly 15% compared to 2017.
1.6 Expanding demand for individualized family parenting contributes to The differentiation of parenting services
1.7 Mother and baby products are upgraded in the direction of intelligence, safety and refinement
1.8 The Revenue of maternal and baby e-commerce Keeps rising, and is expected to reach 335.7 billion yuan in 2018.

2 Analysis of the usage behavior of Chinese family parenting platforms
2.1 The use rate of financial and online shopping apps is over 60%, and the usage of internet has two peaks
2.2 Parenting Apps are mainly used during leisure time at night. The usage time tends to surpass 10 minutes
2.3 77.7% of users use parenting apps every day. The single use time is 5-10 minutes
2.4 Usage rate of parenting knowledge function is over 75%. users are willing to continue to use functions of nutrition advice and puzzle game
2.5 The recording of children's life stories and the writing of parenting experience articles account for large proportion
2.6 Parenting APPs become the main channel to gain parenting information. Short video and audio contents have received a lot of attention
2.7 User's interactive behaviors with different types of parenting-related content are different
2.8 Nearly 70% of users have potential for paying for the knowledge columns of parenting APP
2.9 Improve efficiency of solving practical problems and individualized problems is the core motivation for users’ payment
2.10 The user awareness of individualized parenting function is already high. The nutrition advice function is most favored.
2.11 The individualized function is mainly used 1-4 times per day and 5-10 minutes each time.
2.12 Satisfaction degree with head APPs is higher than the industry average, experience and content are the core advantages

3 Analysis of Chinese Family Parenting App Users' Consumption Power and Marketing Points
3.1 Chinese family parenting app users have formed the habit of online shopping. Online and offline integration covers multiple life scenarios.
3.2 Family life scenarios and children's growth needs are the primary concerns of family consumption
3.3 Preference for travel in the Asia Pacific region, favoring starred hotels and hotels with unique features
3.4 Family consumption is mainly between 1001 and 5000 Yuan. But there is still large room for development
3.5 Fathers make large amount consumption. Grandparents prefer small amount consumption of different categories
3.6 Family consumption attaches more importance to safety and durability. Parents and grandparents focus on different factors
3.7 Participation of family members to in decision-making has become a basic consensus. Parents have the main voice
3.8 The users’ acceptance rate of scenario ads with instant reward is higher
3.9 The core attractive factors of interactive ads are relevance, creativity and media brands.
3.10 64.5% of users do not hate advertisements and 51.2% of users accept/approve of ads
4 Analysis of Portrait of Chinese Family Parenting App Users
4.1 Most of the users are female. Users aged between 25 and 35 are the main force for parenting.
4.2 More than half of the users have bachelor degrees or above. Monthly household income of nearly 80% of users’ is more than 10,000 yuan
4.3 The non-mother users accounted for 47%. Users with baby aged 0-3 in their families are the core user group.
4.3 The mainstream users can be divided into four types, which are record type, knowledge type, shopping type and social type.
4.3 Record type: High-consumption users with rising career and advanced parenting concept
4.4 Knowledge type: Users who are susceptible to brand ads and believe in teaching children according to their aptitude
4.3 Shopping type: Impulse shoppers with advanced consumption idea, high acceptance of new things and advertisements
4.3 Social type: Heavy users of parenting app who have the courage to explore, like famous brands, and attaching importance to children’s learning

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