2018 China's Video Cloud Services Sector Report

Source:iResearchSeptember 11,201812:35 PM Overview
Boom of videos has given rise to professional services. The early players are SaaS providers who used to be internet video providers. Then, with the entrance of mainstream public cloud providers and traditional CDN providers, the integration with various industries has become normal. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report (61 Pages)

1 Overview of Video Cloud Services
1.1 Definition of Video Cloud Services
1.2 Types of Video Cloud Services
1.3 Pain Points With Traditional Video Sector
1.4 Strength of Video Cloud Services

2 Background and Status of The Development of Video Cloud Services Industry In China
2.1 Development Environment of The Industry
2.2 Development History of Video Cloud Services in China
2.3 Market Segmentation of Video Cloud Services
2.4 Investment and Financing Activities in The Industry
2.5 Difficulties Facing The Development of The Indsustry
2.6 Competitive Factors of The Industry
2.7 Industrial Chain & Business Model
2.8 Industrial Chain Map

3 Application Scenarios of Video Cloud Services
3.1 Application Scenarios: Short Video
3.2 Application Scenarios: E-commerce
3.3 Application Scenarios: Online Education
3.4 Application Scenarios: News & Information

4 Case Study of Typical Video Cloud Services Providers
4.1 QCloud
4.2 Kingsoft Cloud
4.3 Aliyun
4.4 Baidu Clou

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