2018 China's Internet Gold Industry and User Report

Source:iResearchSeptember 14,20188:26 AM Overview
"Internet +" has promoted the transformation of the traditional gold industry. The “Internet + Gold” model emerged and has been gradually developing since 2014, which has solved the problem of poor liquidity and high investment threshold of the gold investment market, adding vitality to the China’s gold investment market. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report (39 Pages)

1 Overview of the Internet Gold Industry
1.1 Internet Wealth Management is Gradually Being Accepted
1.2 User Stickiness of Internet Wealth Management Has Increased
1.3 “Internet + Gold” Model
1.4 Development of The Internet Gold Industry
1.5 Politics – Regulations and Policies Are Gradually Improved
1.6 Economy - Gold is stable and profitable
1.7 Society-Chinese Consumers Approve of Gold Investment
1.8 Technology - Internet and Financial Technology Support
1.9 Types of the Internet Gold Platforms
1.10 Internet Gold Industry Chain

2 Insight of Internet Gold Investment Users
2.1 Description of User Samples
2.2 Portrait of Internet Gold Investment Users
2.3 Light Users and Heavy Users of Internet Gold
2.4 Life Attitude and Consumption Concept of Internet Gold User
2.5 The Wealth Management Concept of Internet Gold Users
2.6 Wealth Management Purposes and Risk Tolerance of Internet Gold Users
2.7 Channels for Internet Gold Users to Gain Wealth Management Information
2.8 How Do Internet Gold Users Learn About and Consider Wealth Management Apps?
2.9 User's Judgment on The Security and Reputation of The Wealth Management Apps
2.10 Users’ Expectations of The Yield and Function of The Wealth Management Apps
2.11 Investment Made by Internet Gold Users in The Past Year
2.12 Changes in Products Invested by Internet Gold Users
2.13 Changes in Products Invested by Internet Gold Users
2.14 Reasons and Time of Users’ Investment in Internet Gold
2.15 Frequency and Amount of Users’ Investment in Internet Hold
2.16 Summary

3 Case Study of Internet Gold Companies
3.1 Case Study: G-banker
3.2 G-banker Actively Responds to Regulations and Policies
3.3 G-banker: A Leader in the Internet gold industry
3.4 Business of G-banker Has Increased a Lot

4 Development Trends of the Internet Gold Industry
4.1 Challenges Facing The Internet Gold Industry
4.2 Future Trends in The Internet Gold Industry

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