2018 China's College Student Consumption Report

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Growing up in an era featuring the fast development of internet, college students show signs of internet in consumption and entertainment. The consumption expenditure of college students is 380 billion Yuan annually in China. The report focuses on insights into the consumption features of college students as well as the market changes and development. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report (60 Pages)

1.1 Background of Growth of Contemporary College Students: Transformation Towards Consumption-driven
1.2 Background of Growth of Contemporary College Students: Integration of Internet Into Out Life
1.3 Disposable Money of College students Could Be Hundreds of Billions of Yuan Annually
1.4 APP Integrating Learning & Education and Focus on Consumption Views of The Z Generation
1.5 Questionnaires Collected For This Project

2 Consumer Behaviors of College Students
2.1 Male Students and Female Students Have Different Focuses But Both Are Fond of “Eating”
2.2 Popular Beverage Among The College Students is Mainly Dairy Products
2.3 Skin Care Among Female college students – No Key Steps Are Dispensable
2.4 Makeup Among Female college students - To Be Young Is to Look Beautiful
2.5 Skin Care Among Male College Students – Clean! Clean! Clean!
2.6 Makeup Among Male College students – Rise of Demand and Great Prospect
2.7 Layout of European and American Brands For Male Skin Care and Makeup Market in Advance
2.8 Female College Students Use Multiple Brands and Begins With European and American Brands
2.9 In College, The Students’ Idea of Skin Care Keeps Upgrading
2.10 To Struggle in The Internet Age, It’s Necessary to Be Well-equipped
2.11 College Students Change Mobile Phones Every 14 Months on Average
2.12 Male Students Pay Attention to Features of The Mobile Phones While Female Students Pay Attention to Pixels
2.13 Male Students Invest More in Digital Products Than Female Students Do
2.14 Food & Beverage Are Mainly Bought From Nearby and Convenient Channels
2.15 Mobile Phones, Skin Care and Other Personal Products Are Mainly Bought From Online Platforms
2.16 Penetration of Taobao in Online Platforms Is as High as 90.7%

3 Brand Concept of College Students
3.1 Freshmen Search For Brands, Sophomores And Junior Students Try Brands and Senior Students Have Developed Concepts of Brands
3.2 College Students Change Brands Every Two Years on Average
3.3 All The Demand Will Disappear Sooner or Later
3.4 A Higher Share of Higher Grade Students Choose to Buy iPhone
3.5 Trust Personal Experience and Online KOL is Illusion
3.6 Independent Judgment of Products and Not Obsessive About Some Single Brands
3.7 Increasingly Higher Ratio of Independent Decision-making in College
3.8 High Willingness to Spread Useful Products
3.9 Learning & Education APPs Are Communication Cycles For College Students

4 Financial Status of College Students Soon
4.1 Compared With Senior High School Students, College Students Have Twice as Much Discretionary Money
4.2 Daily Consumption – With Some Discretionary Money
4.3 Big-ticket Consumption – Make Ends Meet and Buy What You Need Most
4.4 Installments Support Almost Half of The College Students
4.5 Ant Credit Pay and JD Baitiao Has Become The Preferred Means of Overdraft Among College Students

5 Future Plans of College Students
5.1 Lower Grade Students Focus on Training of Basic Skills and The Grading High Grade Ones Prefer Certificate Training
5.2 40% of The College Graduates Opt For Further Study

6 Summary
6.1 Consumption – High Share of Unnecessary Consumption and Independent Big-ticket Consumption
6.2 Finance – Independent Decision-making and Prevalence of Excessive Consumption
6.3 information – Community Builder and Spreader
6.4 Insights Into College students’ Consumption Pattern and Seize The Market Opportunity

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