2018 China's Internet Economy Report

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The report focuses on the statistics of online economy revenue scale, and reorganize the statistical caliber, covering the eight major internet tracks of Online media, culture and entertainment, consumer life, Internet finance, online education, online health care, transportation services, and enterprises services, as well as dozens of segments below the eight tracks. With in-depth analysis of market size, income structure, competition landscape and development characteristics of different fields, this report aims at providing reference for the development of the industry.


Table of Contents of The Full Report (160 Pages)

1 Analysis of the Typical Development Characteristics of Internet in China
1.1 Internet Becomes an Infrastructure
1.2 Chinese Internet Users Are Increasing Rapidly
1.3 Entering Attention-oriented Era
1.4 The Characteristics of Time Spent Online on Different Devices
1.5 Expansion of Spiritual Consumption Demand in Developmental Economy
1.6 Short Video and Group Buying Services Grow Rapidly in Mobile Internet Market
1.7 Stable Competition and Cooperation Among Giants in Mobile Internet Market

2 Overview of Scale and Structure of China's Internet Economy
2.1 The Rise of Economic Powers in the Context of Globalization
2.2 The Scale of the Digital Economy of United States and China Are Much Larger Than Other Countries
2.3 China's Internet Economy Revenue Grows Steadily
2.4 Structural Changes in Sources of Internet Economy Revenue
2.5 Consumption, Finance and Entertainment Are the Main Contributors to The Revenue
2.6 Changes in Different Areas of Online Economy Revenue
2.7 Demand for Entertainment and Knowledge to Promote the Expansion of The Content Area
2.8 New Forms, Channels and Models Contribute to The Development of Commodity Area
2.9 Internet Finance and Other Tracks Accelerate The Growth of Revenue of Service Area
2.10 The Ratio of Revenue From Consumers to Revenue From Businesses is Around 2:1 in The Core Tracks
2.11 Growth Rate of Revenue From Businesses in The Core Tracks Increases
2.12 Growth Rate of Revenue From Consumers in The Core Tracks Remain High
3 Analysis of The Development of The Core Internet Tracks

3.1 Online Media
3.1.1 Analysis of The Search Engine Market
3.1.2 Analysis of The Social Network Market
3.1.3 Analysis of The News Market

3.2 Culture and Entertainment
3.2.1 Analysis of Online Video, Short Video and Pan-entertainment Live Streaming Market
3.2.2 Analysis of The Digital Music Market
3.2.3 Analysis of The Online Game Market
3.2.4 Analysis of The Online Literature and Digital Publishing Markets
3.2.5 Analysis of Anime and Online Audio Markets
3.2.6 Analysis The Knowledge Service Market

3.3 Consumption Life
3.3.1 Analysis of The E-commerce B2B Market
3.3.2 Analysis of The Online Shopping Market
3.3.3 Analysis of The Online Travel Market

3.4 Internet Finance
3.4.1 Analysis of The Online Credit Market
3.4.2 Analysis of The Online Asset Management Market
3.4.3 Analysis of The Third-party Payment Market

3.5 Online Education
3.5.1 Analysis of Online Education Market
3.5.2 Analysis of Structure of The Online Education Market Segments

3.6 Online Health Care
3.6.1 Analysis of The Online Health Care Market
3.6.2 Analysis of Development of Top Health Care Apps
3.6.3 Analysis of Focuses and Trends in The Online Health Care Market

3.7 Transportation Service
3.7.1 Analysis of the Travel Service Market
3.7.2 Analysis of The Used Passenger Vehicle E-commerce Market and The Online Maintenance Market
3.7.3 Analysis of Internet Automobile Finance Market

3.8 Enterprise Services (Cloud Service)
3.8.1 Analysis of The Cloud Service Market
3.8.2 Analysis of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Cloud Service Markets
3.8.3 Analysis of The Private Cloud Service Market

4 Appendix: Distribution of Typical Internet Tracks

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