2018 China's Yoga Industry Research Report

Source:iResearchNovember 07,20181:27 PM Overview The size of Chinese yoga market will reach 32.21 billion yuan in 2018. The growth is mainly due to the rapidly increasing pan-users and core users, as well as the income of offline yoga classes in studios and studios.

Table of Content of The Full Report (59 Pages)

1 Overview of the Development of The Yoga Industry
1.1 Overview of the Development of Yoga
1.2 Comparison of Yoga Industry in China and America

2 Situation of China's Yoga Market
2.1 Industry Environment
2.1.1 Analysis of Driving Forces- Policy and Technology Environment
2.1.2 Analysis of Macro Environmental - Investment and Financing
2.3 Market Size
2.4 Industry Chain
2.5 The Situation of Yoga Studios in Major Cities in China
2.6 Offline Yoga Studio - Competitive Landscape
2.7 Offline Yoga Studio - Business Model
2.8 Online Class - Business Model

3 Development Trends of Yoga Industry in China
3.1 Pain Points of Yoga Industry
3.2 Analysis of Pain Points of Yoga Apps
3.3 Development Trends
3.4 Enlightenment -Taking Daily Yoga as an Example

4 User Insight of Yoga Industry in China
4.1 User Research Methods and Sample Structure

4.2 Overall Yoga User Profile
4.2.1 Online Yoga User Profile 4.2.2 User Profile - Gender & Age
4.2.3 User Profile - Gender & Age
4.2.4 User Profile - Marriage & Education
4.2.5 User Profile - Industry & Occupation
4.2.6 User Profile - Economic Status
4.2.7 User Profile - Hobbies & Favorite Sports
4.2.8 User Profile - Healthy Lifestyle
4.2.9 User Profile - Values 4.3 Yoga Users’ Practice Behavior in China

4.3.1 Yoga Practice - The First Opportunity to Learn About Yoga
4.3.2 Yoga Practice – The Genre of Yoga and Length of Practicing Time
4.3.3 Yoga Practice - Frequency and Single Duration of Practice
4.3.4 Yoga Practice - Distribution of Practice Time
4.3.5 Yoga Practice - Offline Yoga Studio Brands
4.3.6 Yoga Practice – Transportation Methods to Go to Offline Yoga Studios
4.3.7 Yoga Practice - Channels to Acquire Yoga Studio Information
4.3.8 Yoga Practice - Online Yoga Class Apps and Recommendation Rate
4.3.9 Yoga Practice - Channels to Acquire App Information
4.3.10 Yoga Practice - Consumption Structure and Consumption Level

4.4 Chinese Users’ Attitude Towards Practicing Yoga
4.4.1 Attitude - The Purpose of The Practice and The Difficulties
4.4.2 Attitude - Considerations for Users in Choosing Yoga Brands
4.4.3 Attitude - The Possibility That Users Will Keep Practicing and Their Expectation

4.5 Chinese Yoga Users’ Consumption Life
4.5.1 Daily Consumption Life of Yoga Users
4.5.2 Frequency and Amount of Daily Consumption of Yoga Users
4.5.3 Advertising Sensitivity and Preference of Yoga Users
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