2018 China's AI + Finance Industry Report

Source:iResearchNovember 27,201811:49 AM Overview At present, not only the technology giants and benchmark enterprises in the segments are providing technologies to empower the finance sector, but also the traditional financial institutions are setting up departments or subsidiaries or working with internet technology companies to provide new financial services, accelerating the spread of AI technology and making the technology dividend accessible for more financial enterprises. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report (48 Pages)


1 Overview of AI + Finance Sector
1.1 Definition of AI + Finance Sector
1.2 Development History of Technology Application in Finance Sector
1.3 Driving Factors For Development of AI + Finance Sector
1.4 Summary of Technologies in AI + Finance 1.5 Summary of Core Technologies in AI + Finance Sector
1.6 Application Scenarios in AI + Finance Sector 1.7 Industry Chain of AI + Finance Sector
1.8 Investment & Financing Activities in AI + Finance Sector 1.9 Business Logic of AI + Finance Sector

2 AI + Finance Application Scenarios 2.1 Intelligent Risk Control
2.2 Intelligent Payment 2.3 Intelligent Claim Settlement
2.4 Intelligent Customer Services 2.5 Intelligent Marketing
2.6 Intelligent Investment Research 2.7 Intelligent Investment Advisory

3 Insights Into AI + Finance Sector & Strategy Analysis
3.1 Barriers to Entry Into AI + Finance Sector
3.2 Technology Provider: Challenges and Response Measures
3.3 Traditional Financial Institution: Challenges and Response Measures
3.4 Regulator: Challenges and Response Measures

4 Case Study of Typical AI + Finance Company
4.1 Ant Financial
4.2 Du Xiaoman Financial
4.3 IBM
4.4 Ping An Technology
4.5 Tongdun
4.6 CloudWalk
4.7 Megvii
4.8 MiningLamp
4.9 Memect

5 Development Trends of AI + Finance
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