2018 Report of New Middle Class Readers of News & Information

Source:iResearchDecember 04,20181:07 PM Overview For new middle class news & information readers, reading news & information has become an essential part of their daily life. Each time, they spend 10-20 minutes on reading news & information. They mainly read during commute to and from work, lunch break and before sleep. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report(30 Pages)

Research Background & Objectives

Reader Definition


1 Reading Habits of New Middle Class News & Information Readers
1.1 News Reading Habit
1.2 News Reading Scenario
1.3 Reader Experience of News & Information Apps

2 Portrait of New Middle Class News & Information Readers
2.1 Education & Profession
2.2 Income Level
2.3 Values and Consumption Views
2.4 Unique Features

3 Entertainment Activities of New Middle Class News & Information Readers
3.1 Entertainment Activities
3.2 Consumption Plans In The Next Year
3.3 3C Products: Types of Products Planned to Purchase and Purchasing Channels
3.4 Investment & Financial Products: Amount and Product Type
3.5 Car: Models to Purchase and Budget 3.6 Travel: Way of Travel and Budget

4 New Middle Class’ Attitude Towards Advertising on News & Information Platforms and Case Study
4.1Attitude Towards Advertising and Preference of Advertising Forms
4.2 How To Move New Middle Class News & Information Readers
4.3 Case Study: Move The Readers With True Stories and True Feelings
4.4 Case Study: Find a Proper Scenario to Communicate With Consumers
4.5 Case Study: Based on Product Features, Attentively Communicate With The Consumers
4.6 Summary of Advertising Cases
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