2018 China's The Post-95s Report

Source:iResearchDecember 06,201812:24 PM Overview 2018 China’s The Post-95s Report makes an analysis of the lifestyle of the post-95s from interpersonal relationship, attitudes to the material life and forms of  enetertainment. It also summarizes the group culture among the post-95s.

Table of Contents of The Full Report (44 Pages)

1 Research Method and Analysis Framework
1.1 Research Method
1.2 Basic Information of Respondents 1
1.3 Basic Information of Respondents 2
1.4 Analysis Framework

2 Social Environment For Growth of The Post-95s
2.1 Socio-economic Backgrounds
2.2 Cultural Background
2.3 Internet Waves
2.4 Summary of The Growth Background of The Post-95s

3 Life of The Post-95s
3.1 The Person
3.1.1 The Person – Breaking The Constraints and Following The Heart
3.1.2 The Person – High Material and Spiritual Requirement
3.1.3 The Person – Plans of The Post-95s For Their Future
3.1.4 The Person – Disappearing Parental Authoritarianism and Rising Sense of Equal Rights
3.1.5 The Person – Intimacy to Mother and Estrangement From Father
3.1.6 The Person – How Parents Meet Their Children’s Demand For Material Life
3.1.7 The Person – Friendship Penetrating The Relations Between Teachers and Students

3.2 Matter
3.2.1 Matter – The Post-95s Featuring High Expenses and High Income
3.2.2 Matter – Development of Financial Quotient
3.2.3 Matter – Attitude Towards Cars: To Own a Car is Still The Mainstream Attitude
3.2.4 Matter – Car Purchasing Decision: Price-oriented and Great Potential For Customized Demand
3.2.5 Matter – Favorite Car Brands Among The Post-95s
3.2.6 Matter – No Need of Big House as Long as You Are With Your Family

3.3 Entertainment
3.3.1 Entertainment – Overview of Entertainment Content
3.3.2 Entertainment – Mainstream Top APPs Are Also Popular Among The Post-95s
3.3.3 Entertainment – Focus on Different Content on WeChat, Weibo and Short Videos
3.3.4 Entertainment – Time That The Post-95s Spend on Watching Videos
3.3.5 Entertainment – like New Movies and Love Classic Movies
3.3.6 Entertainment – Serious Dramas Attract Most Traffic; Online Dramas Prevail in Number and Classic Comedies Remain Hot
3.3.7 Entertainment – Favorite Games Among The Post-95s

4 Culture of The Post-95s
4.1 Formative Starchaser Culture – Ways For The Post-95s to Spend Money For and Support The Idols
4.2 Formative Starchaser Culture – In The Era of Equal Rights, Idols Have Become Mass Consumer Goods
4.3 Follow-the-heart Job-seeking Culture
4.4 ACGN Culture

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