2018 China's Short Video Marketing Report

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The report combs the background of status quo of short video marketing market, explores the exterior enviroment and interior engines of the market, introduce the development of the links in the industry chain, researches the dilemma and forecasts the trends. At the same time, it also analyzes the short video marketing from the aspect of advertisers, give some advices from the aspect of practitioners and analyzes the investment strategy from the aspect of investors.

Table of Contents of The Full Report (57 Pages)

Concept Definition and Category of Short Video Marketing
Value and Characteristics of Short Video Marketing

1 Driving Force Behind China's Short Video Marketing Market
1.1 Short Videos in Different Media Eras
1.2 Short Video Marketing is Still Growing in The Mobile Era
1.3 The Market Revenue of Short Video Marketing Grows Rapidly
1.4 Driving Force to The Development of Short Video Marketing: The External Environment Promotes the Survival of the Fittest in The Industry. Promotion From Both

Supply Side and Demand Side of The Industry
1.5 Policy Environment: Industry Supervision is Tightening, and The Short Video Marketing Market is Gradually Standardized.
1.6 Technology Environment: Various Technologies Optimize User Experience and Increase The Marketing Value of Short Video
1.7 Internal Driving Force - The Development of Short Video Platforms
1.8 Internal Driving Force – Advertisers’ Budget
1.9 Internal Driving Force – Driving by Content Producer
1.10 Internal Driving Force – Number of Users in Short Video Industry
1.11 Internal Driving Force - User Stickiness in Short Video Industry

2 Analysis of Industry Chain of China’s Short Video Marketing
2.1 Industry Chain of China’s Short Video Marketing
2.2 Analysis of Industry Chain of Short Video Marketing
2.3 Advertisers Pursue Stability: Direct Cooperation with the Platforms Has Gradually Become the Mainstream Cooperation Model
2.4 Platforms Pursue Expansion: The Head Platforms Keeps Promoting Content Ecology and Commercial Layout
2.5 Content Side Seek Changes: MCN, Marketing Services, Media Platforms and Content E-commerce Are blooming
2.6 The Relationship Between the Content Providers and The Platforms: Depends on Each Other in The Aspect of Business Model, and Compete For Interests
2.7 Marketing service providers and MCN Fight For Survival: Upstream and Downstream Expansion is Difficult and The Possibility of Mutual Integration is Low
2.8 Marketing Service Providers’ Breakthrough: Transform and Explore New Businesses and New models, and Gain living space through third-party position
2.9 MCN's Competitive Barriers: Improves Itself and Gains a Foothold With Core Resources and Professional Capabilities.

3 Strategy and Case Study of China's Short Video Marketing
3.1 Overview of Short Video Marketing Model
3.2 Analysis of Content Implantation Strategies
3.3 Case Study of Content Implantation
3.4 Analysis of Content Customization Strategies
3.5 Case Study of Content Customization
3.6 Analysis of the Strategies of Internet Celebrities’ Activities
3.7 Case Study of Internet Celebrities’ Activities
3.8 Analysis of Account Operation Strategies
3.9 Case Study of Account Operation
3.10 Analysis of Integrated Marketing Strategies
3.11 Case Study of Integrated Marketing

4 Case Study of Short video marketing in China
4.1 Platform: TikTok
4.2 Platform: Kuaishou
4.3 Platform: Meipai
4.4 Marketing Service Provider: Fengxing
4.5 Marketing Service Provider: Weiboyi

5 Future Trends of China's Short Video Marketing
5.1 Dilemma is Also the Trend: Difficulty in Placement
5.2 Dilemma is Also the Trend: unstable Marketing Effect
5.3 Dilemma is Also the Trend: Content Chaos

6 Suggestions on the operation and investment of Chinese short video marketing companies
6.1 New comers: Short Video +
6.2 Head players: resources and expansion
6.3 Waist Players: Vertical
6.4 Investors: There are Still Opportunities

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