2018 China's AI Phone Sector Report

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AI Phone = AI Chips + AI Functions. AI Phone is new concept and there is no universally accepted recognition in the industry. iResearch believes that in a broad sense, AI phones refer to smartphones that have mobile chips capable of AI computation and have deep learning AI functions. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report (66 Pages)

1. Development of AI Phone Sector
1.1 Dev elopement History of Mobile Phones
1.2 Definition of AI Phone
1.3 Overview of Applications of AI Phones
1.4 Development Stages of AI Phones
1.5 Core Value of AI Phones
1.6 Development Features of AI Phones

2. Drivers For Development of AI Phone Sector
2.1 Research Logic of AI Phone Sector
2.2 Driving Factor 1: Reliable and Effective Technology
2.2.1 Technical Principle of AI Phones – Terminal
2.2.2 Technical Principle of AI Phones – Cloud
2.2.3 Computer Vision
2.2.4 Intelligent Voice
2.2.5 Deep Learning

2.3 Driving Factor 2: Gradual Commercialization

2.3.1 Industrial Structure of AI Phone Sector

2.3.2 Driving Factors For Commercialization Upstream: Development of AI Chips Upstream: Development of Technology Providers Case Study: SenseTime Midstream: Leading Effect of Giant Mobile Phone Brands Midstream: Layout of Giant Mobile Phone Brands Downstream: Reshaping The Base of Telecom Operators Downstream: Foreseeable Development of 5G
2.3.3 Commercial Linkage Terminal: Cooperation Between AI Technology Providers and Mobile Phone Brands Content: Cooperation Between AI Technology Providers and Mobile Internet Manufacturers Base: Entrance to Ecosystem Going Back to Pre-installed Chips

2.3.4 Commercial Support Consumer Purchase Intention Capital Investment Intention Policy Orientation Intention Market Development Intention

2.4 Driving Factor 3: Mature Application
2.4.1 Face Unlock
2.4.2 Image Processing and Optimization
2.4.3 Intelligent Album 2.4.4 Special Effect For Interactive Entertainment
2.4.5 3D Display 2.4.6 Intelligent Voice Assistant
2.4.7Accompanying Translator
2.4.8 Intelligent Screen
2.4.9 System Optimization

3. Survey of AI Phone Users
3.1 Summary of Overview of Quantitative Research
3.2 Portrait of AI Phone Users in China
3.3 Use of AI Phones in China
3.4 Users’ Experience of AI Phones
3.5 Users’ Awareness of AI Phones
3.6 Expectations of Mobile Phone Users For Future AI Phones
3.7 Replacement Demand of Mobile Phone Users in China

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