2018 China's Mobile Marketing Enterprise Report

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When the market vitality is declining, marketing becomes more urgent and necessary. Increasing sales through marketing is an important and necessary method for companies. Therefore, in the current market environment, the market vitality of marketing-related enterprises will keep increasing. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report (37 Pages)

1 Overview of Mobile Marketing Related Enterprises in China
1.1 Characteristics of the Development of the Mobile Marketing Sector
1.2 Overview of the Development of Mobile Marketing Related Enterprises
1.3 Analysis of Classification and Characteristics of Mobile Marketing Suppliers
1.4 Technology Used by Mobile Marketing Related Enterprises
1.5 Capital Activities of Mobile Marketing Related Enterprises

2 Case Study of China Mobile Marketing Enterprises
2.1 Enterprise: Qihoo 360
2.2 360×Knives Out
2.3 Enterprise: Phoenix New Media
2.4 Phoenix New Media×Dongfeng Citroen
2.5 Enterprise: Tencent
2.6 Tencent × Jimujia
2.7 ByteDance
2.8 Toutiao×Qingdao
2.9 Enterprise: Donson
2.10 Donson×Shenzhou Bandao of China Overseas Property
2.11 Enterprise: Hylink×Buick
2.12 Enterprise: BlueFocus
2.13 BlueFocus×Jeep
2.14 Enterprise: Mobiexchanger
2.15 Mobiexchanger×Sword of Glory
2.16 Enterprise: IPinYou
2.17 IPinYou×Promotion Activity of An Ecommerce Company
2.18 Enterprise: Social Touch
2.19 Social Touch×Rejoice
2.20 Enterprise: Tian Yu Kong
2.21 Tian Yu Kong×Life Master Home Renovation
2.22 Enterprise: CIG
2.23 CIG ×Audi

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