2019 China's Internet Industry Report (The Full Report)

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The report on the entire internet industry in China in 2018 summarizes the development and predicts the future trends of online marketing, entertainment, finance, e-commerce, travel, AI and other hot sectors. In this report, we also provide data about the new economy in these sectors, in the hope of helping the players in the industry gain insights into the internet industry and prepare for the future. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report (176 Pages)


1 Changes in Macro Environment For The Development of Internet Industry
1.1 Comparison of the Scales and Penetration Rates of Internet Users in China and US
1.2 Contribution of Internet Development to The World
1.3 Development and Penetration of Internet Industry
1.4 Bi-directional Promotion of The Development of Industry Internet
1.5 Best Internet Companies Are Actively Developing Advanced Technology
1.6 Number of Startups and Development of the Related Service Industries in China Over The Past 10 Years
1.7 Mature Enterprises Are Also Leaders in Cutting-edge Technologies
1.8 China Has Been Increasing R&D Investment in Recent Years
1.9 Engineer Dividend is the Foundation For The Technical Innovation in China

2 Six Major Trends of Internet Industry in China
2.1 Trend 1: Purchasing Power Beyond Our View
2.2 Trend 2: Development Potential Beyond The Main Business
2.3 Trend 3: Offline Market Beyond The Internet
2.4 Trend 4: Factors Promoting Upgrading Beyond Expectation
2.5 Trend 5: Ways to Monetize Beyond The Tradition
2.6 Trend 6: Power Inversion Beyond The Production

3 To 2019
3.1 Development of Underlying Technologies Leads to Profound Changes in Business Models
3.2 The Internet Is Not as Fault-tolerant as Before and Compliance Has Become a Basic Requirement
3.3 The Giants in The Industry Are Reaching Out to The Colleges and Universities

4 Appendix: Data Released About New Economical Industries
4.1 Structure of Internet Economy
4.2 Online Marketing
4.3 Media
4.4 Pan Entertainment
4.5 E-commerce
4.6 Travel
4.7 Logistics
4.8 Finance
4.9 5G
4.10 Cloud Services
4.11 AI
4.12 Education
4.13 Smart Home
4.14 Smart City
4.15 Other Innovative Technologies
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