2019 China's Internet Industry Report

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In the first half of 2018, the numbers of Chinese Internet users and mobile internet users increased by 29.68 million and 35.09 million. Currently, the increase of Chinese internet users is mainly due to the demographic dividend and the widespread use of smartphones. Once the demographic dividend disappears, the number of internet users will mainly depend on the economic situation. With the increase of Internet users, the penetration of Internet users in China is also increasing year by year. The rate increased from 28.9% in 2009 to 58.5% in 2018.


Table of Contents of The Full Report (62 Pages)

1. The Status Quo of the Internet Industry
1.1 Comparison of the Scales and Penetration Rates of Chinese and American Internet Users
1.2 Contribution of Internet Development to The World
1.3 Heat of Primary Market in The US and China
1.4 Development and Penetration of Internet Industry
1.5 Bi-directional Promotion of Industry Internet
1.6 Best Internet Companies Are Actively Developing Advanced Technology
1.7 Popularity of Establishing Startups
1.8 The Proportion of Online Consumption in The Consumption of Chinese Residents Has Increased Rapidly
1.9 Many Top Internet Companies Emerged in China in the Past 20 Years
1.10 China Has Gradually Increased R&D Investment in Recent Years
1.11 For The Happiness of The Next Generation

2. Trends in Segments of The Internet Industry
2.1 Residents’ Consumption in Online Scenarios Increases
2.2 Online Shopping
2.3 Tourism
2.4 Local Lifestyle O2O
2.5 Scenario Marketing Accurately Triggers Consumption Motivation
2.6 Omni-channel Marketing Contributes to Transformation and Upgrades of The Retail Industry
2.7 The Popularization of Mobile Payment
2.8 Internet Consumer Financial Products Are Integrated into Diversified Scenarios
2.9 Logistics Promotes The Network of Consumption
2.10 Technology Trend of Consumption Scenarios
2.11 Online Traffic is Reaching Saturation, Entertainment Upgrades Welcome New Opportunities
2.12 User Behavior Upgrade:The Participation Behavior Reflects The Thought of Equal Rights
2.13 Entertainment Scenario Upgrade: Improvement of Offline Channels
2.14 Entertainment Scenario Upgrade: Offline Becomes Important Again
2.15 Entertainment Scenario Upgrade: Trend of Online and Offline Integration
2.16 The Driving Force Behind Entertainment Scenario Upgrades: Users
2.17 The Driving Force Behind Entertainment Scenario Upgrades: Value
2.18 Pan-entertainment Market: Mature Pattern and Stable Development
2.19 Pan-entertainment Market: The Structure Becomes Increasingly Diversified
2.20 Enterprise Strategy Upgrade: Head Enterprises Looking For Ways to Change The Pessimistic Situation
2.21 The Demand side: The Overall Demand For Information is Booming
2.22 The Demand Side: Short-term - The Logic of "Spending Money to Improve Efficiency" is Popular
2.23 The Demand Side: Increase of Long-term “Useless Learning” Behaviors
2.24 The Supply Side: The Cultural Industry Keeps Growing
2.25 The Supply Side: Differentiation of Vertical Knowledge Track Division Logics
2.26 The Supply Side: Intelligent Industrial Form Begins to Appear
2.27 Evolution of Information Knowledge Services and Upgrade of Spiritual Culture Industry

3. Changes of Internet Users in The New Era
3.1 Big Data & Data of Traditional Surveys Indicates That The Post-90s Becomes The Main Force of Social Consumption
3.2 Background of growth: "Internet Natives" Have Formed Unique Personality and Consumption Preferences. Their Attitude and Consumption Methods Have Influences on The Development of Internet
3.3 Diverse Personalities Enrich Their Spiritual Demand. Post-90s Actively Exploring Ways For Development
3.4 Consumption is A Way for Post-90s to Express Themselves
3.5 Self-pleasing Consumption, Immersive Consumption, and Business Card Style Consumption
3.6 Don't Follow the Trend Blindly, and Find Good Products Via New Social Media
3.7 Reject Ineffective Social Activities and Prefer Diversified Social Activities With Online and Offline Integration
3.8 Love New Tings and Improve Living Conditions by Technology
3.9 Say No to Pure Entertainment and Explore A Better Self

4. The Future and Significance of The Internet Industry
4.1 AI Implementation
4.2 Awakening of The Underlying Technology

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