2019 China's K12 Dual-teacher Classes Report

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In this report, K12 dual-teacher classes refer the teaching model that the online lecturer and offline assistant cooperate with each other to teach the primary and secondary school students. The teaching content is mainly school subject tutoring and non exam-oriented English teaching. Now the education market is huge but dispersed. On the market in the third and lower cities, the supply falls short of the demand and both offline and online models face insurmountable problems. Therefore, to have scale effect and to develop market in smaller cities, dual-teacher classes have become an inevitable trend. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report (47 Pages)

1. Development Background: Emergence of K12 Dual-teacher Classes
1.1 Definition of K12 Dual-teacher Classes
1.2 Huge But Dispersed Market of K12 Market
1.3 Supply Falls Shorts of Demand in Third and Lower Tier Cities
1.4 Both Online and Offline Models Have Shortcomings
1.5 Technology Changes Creates New Development Opportunities

2. Development Status: Fast Growth After Exploration of Business Models
2.1 Development History of K12 Dual-teacher Classes
2.2 Industrial Chain of K12 Dual-teacher Classes
2.3 Business Model of K12 Dual-teacher Classes
2.4 Main Features of K12 Dual-teacher Classes
2.5 Strength of K12 Dual-teacher Classes
2.6 Challenges and Countermeasures of K12 Dual-teacher Classes

3. Application Threshold: Dual-teacher Classes Is Not a Panacea
3.1 Cost Structure of Different Business Models
3.2 Core Factors of K12 Dual-teacher Classes
3.3 Factors That Help Promote K12 Dual-teacher Classes
3.4 Operation Conditions For Different Business Models

4. Case Study of Enterprises: Mutual Learning and Different Focuses
4.1 Representative Enterprise of Self-operation Model:New Oriental
4.2 Representative Enterprise of Comprehensive Model: TAl
4.3 Representative Enterprise of Cooperation Model: Gaosi Education
4.4 Representative Enterprise of Foreign Teacher Dual-teacher Model: USKid

5. User Study: Demand of Potential and Actual Users
5.1 Potential Users
5.2 Actual Users

6. Development Trend: Coexistence of Three Models in a Long Time
6.1 Trend 1
6.2 Trend 2
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