2019 China's AI + Security and Protection Industry Report (The Full Edition)

Source:iResearchMarch 25,20199:01 AM Overview
In this report, “AI+Security” refers to the practical application of artificial intelligence technology in security and protection scenarios. Artificial intelligence technology is mainly shown in the application of computer vision technology and knowledge graph technology in security and protection products. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report (40 Pages)

1.Overview of The Industry
1.1 Overview of AI+ Security and Protection
1.2 Definition of AI + Security and Protection
1.3 Development of AI + Security and Protection Industry

2. Application of AI in The Industry
2.1 AI Video Surveillance System
2.2 Public Security Knowledge Graph
2.3 Intelligent Robot

3. Business Analysis
3.1 Analysis of The Industry Chain and Tracks
3.2 Business Analysis of AI Enterprises
3.3 Business Analysis of Security and Protection Manufactures
3.4 Case Study of Typical Enterprises

4. Future of The Industry
4.1 New Pattern
4.2 New Opportunities
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