2019 China's New Consumption Trend Report

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The report expounds macro economy, consumption characteristics and consumption trends in the era of new consumption. It also researches the market segments which are worth investing based on the analysis of fashion, food, housing, transportation, education, entertainment and other basic necessities. and it makes insights into consumption characteristics of new middle class and the entry-level middle class. Therefore, the report can offer some reference for the investors and participants in the new consumption industry.

Table of Contents of The Full Report (87 Pages)

Summary: The New Consumption Era
1.1 Definition of New Consumption and The Key Segments
1.2 The macroeconomic and social background of the rise of new consumption
1.3 The Main Characteristics and Development Trend of New Consumption
2. Overview and Insight Into Typical New Consumption Industries
2.1 Personalized Clothing Subscription
2.2 Domestic Fashion Brands
2.3 Healthy Light Meal
2.4 Community Group Buying
2.5 Customized Travel
2.6 Music Training Partner
2.7 Fitness Supported by Technology
2.8 Short Video
2.9 Pet Consumption
2.10 Cultivation of Idol
2.11 Fashion Products
3. Insight Into Typical Consumer Groups
3.1 Consumption Characteristics of New Middle Class
3.2 Consumption Characteristics of The Entry-level Middle Class
4. Prospect and Conclusion
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