2018 China's Internet Traffic Annual Report (The Full Report)

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The report describes development of internet industry in China from three aspects:comparison of PC internet and mobile internet, eight market segments and top mobile apps rankings in 2018. Furthermore, it also forecasts China's internet traffic trends in the future.

Table of Contents of The Full Report (111 Pages)



1 Overview of Development of Internet Applications in China in 2018
1.1 Number of Internet Users in China in 2018
1.2 Effective Viewing Duration of Internet Users in China in 2018
1.3 Visits of Internet Users in China in 2018  
1.4 Sex Structure of Internet Users in China in 2018
1.5 Age Structure of Internet Users in China in 2018
1.6 City Structure of Internet Users in China in 2018

2 Analysis of Internet Sectors in China in 2018
2.1 Overview of Hot Sectors in Mobile Internet Industry
2.2 Video Service Sector
2.2.1 Online Videos Sector
2.2.2 Short Videos Sector
2.3 Game Service Sector
2.4 Music & Audio Sector
2.5 E-reading Sector
2.5.1 Online Reading Sector
2.6 Photo-Editing Sector
2.8 Chatting + Social Networking Sector
2.9 The E-commerce Sector
2.10 Learning & Education Sector
2.11 Children Education Sector
2.12 Online Travel Sector
2.13 Ticketing Sector
2.14 Bike Sharing Sector
2.15 Navigation Map Sector
2.16 Food Delivery Sector
2.17 Real Estate Sector
2.18 Mobile Banking Sector
2.19 Stock Sector
2.20 Comprehensive Financial Management Sector
2.21 P2P Lending Sector
2.22 News & Information Sector

3 List of Internet Industry in China in 2018
3.1 List of Internet Users by Preference in China in 2018
3.2 List of Internet Users by Growth in China in 2018
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