2018 China's Third-Party Payment Industry Report

Source:iResearchFebruary 28,201911:42 AM Overview By 2017, online payment has spread into every aspect of life, including the field of daily life. At this stage, with the tightening of regulations, the market will enter the stage of orderly development. The growth rate of the transaction volume of the third-party payment market will also stabilize.

Table of Contents of The Full Report (65 Pages)


1 Macro Status of The Third-party Payment Industry
1.1 Definition and Classification of Third-party Payment Industry
1.2 Business Models of Third-party Payment Institutions
1.3 The Industry Chain of The Third-party Payment Industry
1.4 Market Size and Structure of The Third-party Payment Industry
1.5 “Duan Zhi Lian” and Provisions Related Policies
1.6 Analysis of The Influence of “Duan Zhi Lian” and Provisions Related Policies
1.7 Strategies of Third-Party Payment Institutions

2 The Main Segments of The Third-party Payment Industry
2.1 Bank Card Acquiring
2.2 Offline Payment
2.3 Cross-border Payment

3 Case Study of Excellent Third-party Payment Companies
3.1 Alipay: Establish User Ecology Around Payment
3.2 Tenpay: Ecological Layout Based on Social
3.3 Hebao Payment: Reformer From Communication Network to Payment Network
3.4 Yiqianbao:Rely on Financial Technology Strength and Penetrate Deep into The Industry
3.5 Lakala: Focus on Development of The Receiving Terminal and Provide Services For Tens of Millions of Merchants
3.6 99Bill: Cover All Scenarios in Many Industries and Drive To B Payment Innovation
3.7 Suning Payment:Value Both to C and to B Businesses and Rely on Scenarios to Develop
3.8 YeePay:Focus on Key Industries and Provide Industrial Level Application

4 Future Development Trends of The Industry and Recommendations For Business Management
4.1 Trend 1: Restructuring of The Industry Chain
4.2 Trend 2: Basic Service Prices on Business Level Fall
4.3 Recommendation For Business Operation 1: Develop Industry Chain Advantages
4.4 Recommendation For Business Operation 2: Develop Business Advantages
4.5 Recommendation For Business Operation 3: Develop Value-added Services
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