Community Group Buying and AI Chip Investment Report (The Full Report)

Source:iResearchApril 11,20198:53 AM Overview
Compared with offline physical stores and traditional online e-commerce, community group buying has much lower customer acquisition costs, execution costs and delivery costs. It is one of the few verified,  scalable and profitable business models that have been tried by the fresh food e-commerce and community e-commerce platforms. The cost structure of the business model allows the entrance of low-margin and cost-effective goods. 

Table of Contents of The Full Edition

1.Community Group Buying Track Information
1.1 Financing Activities of National and Regional Community Group Buying Companies

2. Summary of Community Group Buying Tracks
2.1 Core Business Models and Logic Verification of the Tracks and the Final Discussion
2.2 Core Strategy & Barriers of Top Players

3. Summary of AI Chip Summit
3.1 GTIC 2019 AI Chip Industry Summit Summary
3.2 Summary of the Guests’ Sharing
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