2019 Report on Black Fish Technology (Brief Edition)

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“2019 Report on Black Fish Technology - A Typical Membership-based Enterprise in China” is a corporate research report of iResearch Institute on the business model and market opportunities of Black Fish Technology, a Chinese Membership-based consumption and service platform, from the perspective of finance. Black Fish is a young, membership-based platform which can obtain financing quickly. Through an analysis of its business model and market opportunities, this report aims to find out the transformation of the financing channels and the adjustment of enterprises' strategies, the strategic meaning as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the platform's transformation into a membership system, and how to manage membership services in the context of traffic anxiety. Therefore, the first two chapters of the report present the overall structure of Black Fish by introducing its development history, its financing situation, the reasons for receiving investment, and its main businesses, helping the readers to learn about Black Fish. The last two chapters focus on analyzing the business model of Black Fish, and explaining why the latecomer Black Fish has market opportunities, what are these market opportunities, and how its business model seizes these opportunities.


1. Company Profile
1.1. Development History of The Company
Businesses of Black Fish
Why Black Fish Became Independent of Tuniu.com (Refer to The Full Report)
1.2. Management Team
1.3. Financing Activities
1.3.1. Financing Information
1.3.2. Reasons to Get Investment

2. Main Business
2.1. Business Overviews and Distribution
2.2. Business Introduction
2.2.1 Credit Business Introduction of Credit Products Virtual Credit Card and Revolving Line of Credit
Introduction of Virtual Credit Card and Revolving Line of Credit
Ranges of Revolving Line of Credit (Refer to the Full Report)
Percentage of Revolving Line of Credit Used by Business Type (Refer to The Full Report) Operation Data (Refer to The Full Report)
Lending Scale and Overdue Rate
User Data Business Operation (Refer to The Full Report)
1) Customer Acquisition
2) Capital Sources
3) Risk Control Process and Data Source
4) Post-lending Management
2.2.2 Financial Services
Types of Financial Services and Introduction
Revenue of Financial Services and Number of Users (Refer to The Full Report)
2.2.3 Installment Store & Online Travel
Introduction of Installment Store & Online Travel
Principle to Provide Installment Store & Online Travel Services (Refer to The Full Report)
2.2.4 Payment Business
INtroduction of Payment Business
Data of Payment Business (Refer to The Full Report)
Introduction of Payment Channel Partners (Refer to The Full Report)
2.2.5 Innovation Workshop
2.2.6 Membership System 8
Introduction of Membership System of Black Fish and Member Benefits
Features of Black Fish Membership System
Reason For Black Fish to Turn to Membership System
Significance of Mebership System to Black Fish
Number of Black Fish Membership Users and Estimated Revenue (Refer to The Full Report)

3. The Late-comer’s Exploration of Market Opportunities from The Perspective of Black Fish
3.1. A Business Model With Pure Financial Attribute Which Started From Cash Loan Business
Preliminary Exploration of The Business Model of Black Fish Team
Market Opportunity Analysis
Operation and Data of The Old APP (Refer to The Full Report)
Impact of The Turmoil of The Industry on Black Fish
3.2. Black Fish Team Returned to The internet Battlefield With “Credit +” Diversified Business Layout
Business Layout of Black Fish After Independence From Tuniu.com
Market Opportunity Analysis
3.3. The Penetration Space in Segments Is Small. The Model of “A+B+C” Integrated Platform No Longer Contributes to Corporate Competitiveness.
3.4. “Membership + Credit Limit” Redefine The Comprehensive Platform Model (Refer to The Full Report)
Market Opportunity Analysis For The Comprehensive Platform Model
How Black Fish Seizes Market Opportunities

4. Space for The Development of Black Fish (Refer to The Full Report)

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