2019 China's Paid Knowledge Investment Report (The Full Report)

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For a long time, paid knowledge has been perceived as the fourth digital content after information, entertainment and games.  From free to paid, from the boom in 2016-2017 and the cooling down in 2018, the paid knowledge industry is entering the period of rational development. Now, paid knowledge takes various forms. Himalaya, Zhihu, iget and other unicorn companies emerged one after another in the industry. At the same time, affected by the heated controversy concerning the “blind consumption cost” and “Pseudo-Demand” of paid knowledge, the industry is to have a turning point. 

Table of Contents of The Report

1.Why Choose This Topic and Financing Analysis
1.1 Why Choose This Topic
1.2 In nature, Paid Knowledge Is an Opportunity Due to Changes in The Boundaries Between and Logic of The Education, Publishing and Media.
1.3 Latest Financing Activities in the Field of Paid Knowledge

2. Summary of Latest Views on New Media
2.1 Current Pain Points and Future Development Directions
2.1.1 In The Next 1-2 Years, Traditional Paid Knowledge Based on “Publishing” Logic Will Get Increasingly Difficult.
2.1.2 Paid Knowledge Is Upgrading From a Publishing-based Business to a Sustainable Education-based Business. The Following Are Possible Development Directions and Many Have Already Come True.

2.2 New Entrants and New Trends in the Industry
2.2.1 New Entrant 1: Knowledge Planet – Be a Good Social Tool in The Era of Mobile Internet.
2.2.2 New Entrant 2: Xiao E Tech – The First Technology Service Provider Focusing on Paid Knowledge
2.2.3 New Trend: Wu Xiaobo Team Discusses Public and Private Traffic

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