2019 Corporate Service SaaS Investment Report (The Full Report)

Source:iResearchApril 22,201912:17 PM Overview
The number of Chinese companies is three times that of the United States. However, the scale of China's SaaS industry is only one-third of that of the United States. Benchmarking American market, many investors expect China's SaaS market to grow by 10 times in the future. With such huge potential, We pay attention to the current recommended valuation method in Chinese SaaS market,  the common valuation multiple range and the valuation method in the American market, as well as important indicators of value evaluation of other SaaS companies 


Table of Contents of The Full Edition

1.Background of The Report and The Latest Financial Report and Financing Analysis
1.1 Background
1.2 Analysis of Important Financing Reports
1.3 Financing Activities in the Corporate Service SaaS Area

2.Opinions on New Media
2.1 Essence of SaaS:Achieve Infomationization of All Channels and Realize Pipeline Flow of Resources
2.2 SaaS Platform’s Strategic Choice 1
2.3 SaaS Platform’s Strategic Choice 2
2.4 SaaS Platform’s Strategic Choice 3

3.Value Judgement of SaaS Companies
3.1 The Most Popular Value Judgement in SaaS Industry
3.2 Three Stages of The Revenue Level of China’s SaaS Market & Recommended Valuation Calculation Methods
3.3 The Common Valuation Multiple range & Valuation Methods in the American Market
3.4 Other Operation Performance Indicators of SaaS Companies

4. Company Introduction/ Legal Notice

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