2019 Domestic Beauty Makeup Investment Report (The Full Report)

Source:iResearchMay 14,20191:28 PM Overview
In 2018, sales of cosmetics on Tmall increased by over 60% YoY. The total number of users exceeded 300 million, of which the post-90s accounted for 51%. and over 50 million are the post-95s. On average, each user buy 3.3 lipsticks annually. On the day of Double 11 Shopping Festival in 2018, of the 167 brands with a GMV of 100 million Yuan on Tmall, 24 are cosmetics brands, including 9 domestic brands. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1.Why Choose This Topic and Market Analysis
1.1 Why Choose This Topic
1.2 Despite a Pickup in The Growth, The Makeup Market Is Still Decentralized in China and The Domestic Brands Are Engaged in Low-Price Competition.
1.3 Large Room For Improvement in Comparision Japan and US

2. Competition Landscape of Domestic Beauty Makeup Market
2.1 Key Success Factors on Domestic Beauty Makeup Market
2.2 Dilemma For The Domestic Beauty Makeup Market and The Way Out
2.1 Key Success Factors on Domestic Beauty Makeup Market

3.Market Analysis & Case Study
3.1 Beauty Evolution From Query of Ingredients to Consumption Decision
3.2 Perfect Diary| Control of Hot Channel Marketing
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