2019 China’s New Tea-Based Drinks Investment Report (The Full Report)

Source:iResearchJune 04,20198:01 AM Overview
China has over 500 million consumers of tea-based drinks. In the context of consumption upgrading, the consumers are not only buying the new tea-based drinks, but also enjoying a balanced life. The social and leisure value of the products is in line with the young consumers’ pursuit of lifestyle and identity. It is also a simple of fashionable life. New tea-based drinks are embracing industrial upgrading and increased consumer demand. In the future, the scale some of the brands may become comparable to that of Starbucks in China. 

Table of Contents

1.Why Choose This Topic and Market Analysis
1.1 Why Choose This Topic
1.2 Upgrade of New Tea-based Drinks and Vast Market Potential
1.3 Financing Activities in the New Tea-based Drinks Sector

2.Key Success Factors for New Tea-based Drinks Sector
2.1 Innovation of New Tea-based Drink Products, Supply Chain Management and Store Layout
2.2 Marketing Approaches of New Tea-based Drinks

3.Challenges & Development Trends of the Sector
3.1 Development Trends of New Tea-based Drinks: Membership Services and Social Tool
3.2 Challenges and Coping Strategy of New Tea-based Drinks

Company Introduction/ Legal Notice

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