2019 China's Used Vehicle E-commerce Report

Source:iResearchJune 11,20198:18 AM Overview As passenger vehicles entering the “stock era”, used vehicle industry will gave more opportunities. Trading volume of China’s used vehicle market kept growing at a CAGR of over 22% in the past 8 years and is very likely to exceed one trillion Yuan in 2019. In 2018, the penetration rate of used vehicle e-commerce was already 16.8%. In the next 3 years, the trading volume of used vehicle e-commerce will grow at a CAGR around 25%. To promote trading of used vehicles, services centering on the trading of used vehicles are the foundation for the positioning and resources in the used vehicle e-commerce industry. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report (51 Pages)


1 Development Background of China’s Used Vehicle E-commerce Industry
1.1 Overview of Passenger Vehicle Market
1.2 Size of Used Vehicle Market
1.3 Growth Space of Used Vehicle Market
1.4 Trading Activity of Used Vehicle Market
1.5 Supply & Demand For Used Vehicle Market
1.6 Investment & Financing in Used Vehicle Industry
1.7 Changes in The Features of The Drivers
1.8 Digital Development of Used Vehicle Industry

2 Development of China’s Used Vehicle E-commerce Industry
2.1 Size of Used Vehicle E-commerce Market
2.2 Structure of The Industrial Chain of Used Vehicle E-commerce Industry
2.3 Value Positioning and Resources Foundation of Used Vehicle E-commerce Industry
2.4 Business Model: Reflection of C2C Model
2.5 Business Model: Reflection of B2C Model
2.6 Business Model: Reflection of 2B Model
2.7 Business Model: Comparison of Two Whole Chain Models
2.8 Competition Analysis: Early Development Path of Used Vehicle E-commerce
2.9 Competition Analysis: Concentration of Used Vehicle E-commerce Industry
2.10 Competition Analysis: External Competition Pressure From Dealers
2.11 Relevant Market: Used Vehicle Market and New Vehicle Market
2.12 Relevant Market: Used Vehicle Market and Automobile Finance
2.13 Relevant Market: Used Vehicle Market and Vehicle Logistics
2.14 Relevant Market: New Energy Used Vehicles
2.15 Consumer Study: Used of The Used Vehicle E-commerce APPs
2.16 Consumer Study: Considerations in Buying Used Vehicles
2.17 Consumer Study: Preference For Used Vehicle Platforms
2.18 Consumer Study: Views on Used Vehicles From Other Regions
2.19 Vehicle Seller Study: Decision Factors in Selling Used Vehicles

3 Case Study of Used Vehicle E-commerce Enterprises in China
3.1 Review of The Major Events in The Development of Used Vehicle E-commerce Industry
3.2 Chezhibao
3.3 Uxin Group
3.4 Guazi.com
3.5 Autostreets

4 Development Trends of China’s Used Vehicle E-commerce Industry
4.1 Growth P:eriod of Used Vehicle Industry
4.2 Trend 1: Business Model Will Gradually Cover The Whole Industrial Chain
4.3 Trend 2: Enterprises Will Focus on Shift and Upgrade
4.4 Trend 3: Vehicle Makers Will Dominate The Disposal of Used Electric Vehicles
4.5 Trend 4: Industry Standards Will Come Into Being With a Higher Industry Concentration
4.6 Trend 5: Used Vehicle E-commerce Will Actively cast Off The “E-commerce” Label

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