2019 China's E-commerce Live Streaming Investment Report (The Full Report)

Source:iResearchJune 21,20198:51 AM Overview
According to statistics, the conversion rate of excellent content-driven platforms is about 5%. In comparison, the conversion rate of e-commerce live streaming platforms is much higher than that of traditional content-driven platforms. Unlike other pan entertainment live streaming content, e-commerce live streaming is consumption-oriented. The former cares about the number of consumers online in real time, while the latter pay more attention to purchasing conversion rate of the viewers. Compared with the image and text pushed previously, it is easier to buy via the mini programs in the live streaming rooms. As a result, the live streaming rooms are promoting the sales for the stores. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report(5 Pages)

1.Why This Topic and Market Analysis
1.1 Why Choose This Topic
1.2 Industrial Chain and Profit Model of E-commerce Live Streaming
1.3 Development History of “Live Streaming + E-commerce”
1.4 E-commerce Live Streaming Effectively Improve Conversion Rate

2.Driving Forces and Development Trends of The Sector
2.1 E-commerce Live Streaming Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost
2.2 Rise of New Forms of E-commerce Live Streaming Driven by Upgraded Consumers, Products and Scenarios

3.Layout of Top E-commerce Enterprises and Live Streaming Enterprises in e-commerce live streaming Sector
3.1 Rise of New Forms of E-commerce Live Streaming is Driven by Upgraded Consumers, Products and Scenarios
3.2 Layout of Top Players

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