BILI: Leading Entertainment Community For China Young Generations

Source:iResearchJuly 02,20197:25 AM Overview
BILI is a multi-media entertainment platform. Its video platform Bilibili is one of the most favourite app among young China internet users, thanks to massive anim offerings, UGVs and pioneering bullet chatting feature. As of 1Q19,about 25% of Gen Z population are active users of BILI. More details can be seen in the full report 
with 53 pages.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1. Investment Positives & Concerns
1.1 Robust User Growth For Gen Z Oriented Strategy
1.2 Strong Non-Game Monetization Potential Onwards
1.3 Industry Tailwind of ACG Mobile Games
1.4 Solid Performance of Core Game FGO
1.5 Investment Concerns: Competition, Censorship, Youth Protection, etc.

2. Company Analysis
2.1 What is BILI?
2.2 Business Analysis: Mobile Games, Live Broadcasting and VAS, Advertising, Other Initiatives

3. Critical Thinking
3.1 Critical Thinking 1: Can BILI replicate FGO’s success?
3.2 Critical Thinking 2: Will Online Entertainment Giants Take Market Share from BILI?
3.3 Critical Thinking 3: Will Partnerships with Tencent and Alibaba Deepen BILI’s Moat?
3.4 Critical Thinking 4: Can BILI Retain Gen Z Users When They Get Old?

4. Financial Modeling and Valuation

5. Appendix
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