2019 China's AI Chip Sector Report

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AI chips are mainly for training, inference and other AI application and are good at parallel computing. They are applied in cloud, edge as well as IoT terminals. The market size is hopefully to exceed 50 billion USD in 2022.The industry is reaching the top of the Gartner Hype Cycle. In the next 1~2 years, the products will tested on the market. Only the teams tested and screened on the market may gain the favor and support of the industry, policies and capitals.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Overview of AI Chip Industry
1.1 About The AI Chips
1.2 Improved Computing Capacity of AI Chips
1.3 Product Positioning of AI Chips
1.4 Application Scenarios of AI Chips
1.5 Projection of the Market Size of AI Chip Industry

2 Application Scenarios and Market Demand of AI Chips
2.1 Application Scenario: Cloud Computing
2.1.1 Market Size of Cloud Computing
2.1.2 Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
2.1.3 Cloud Computing and AI Chips
2.1.4 Market Size of AI Chips for Cloud Computing Centers and Share in The Whole Market
2.1.5 Development Trends of Cloud Computing AI Chips

2.2 Application Scenario: Edge Computing
2.2.1 Edge Computing and AI Chips
2.2.2 Application Scenario: Intelligent Security Market
2.2.3 Application Scenario: Mobile Internet Market
2.2.4 Application Scenario: Autonomous Vehicle
2.3 Development Trends of Edge Computing AI Chip Technology

3 Industrial Chain and Business Model of AI Chip Industry
3.1 Industrial Chain of AI Chip Industry
3.2 Business Models of AI Chip Companies
3.3 Investment in R&D and Design of AI Chips
3.4 Manufacturing Costs of AI Chips

4 Development Prospect of AI Chip Industry
4.1 Review of the Policies Regarding AI and Semi-conductor Industry
4.2 Development Stage of AI Chip Industry
4.3 Heat of AI Chip Industry on The Capital Market
4.4 Investment Distribution of the Industry

5 Enterprise Recommendation
5.2 Cambricon

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