2019 China's Social E-Commerce Sector Report

Source:iResearchAugust 16,20198:01 AM Overview Traditional e-commerce users are at the middle age and the dividend is exhausted, leading to higher customer acquisition costs. The mobile social is booming and have prominent traffic value. The business model integrating social and e-commerce offers a good solution for the e-commerce enterprises to attract traffic at a lower cost. Social e-commerce industry is at an advantageous position, attracting many new entrants and growing fast. In 2018, with a GMV of 626.85 billion Yuan and an increase of 255.8% YoY, the industry has become a dark horse on the online shopping market. More analysis can be seen in the full report with 68 pages.

Table of Contents of The Full Report


Opportunity in The Winter: Background and Development Status of Social E-commerce
1.1 Traditional E-commerce Users Are at the Middle Age and the Dividend is Exhausted, Leading to Higher Customer Acquisition Costs
1.2 Mobile Social is Booming, Highlighting The Value of Traffic
1.3 In an Advantageous Position, Social E-commerce Industry Grows Fast
1.4 Features and Advantages of Social E-commerce in Comparison With Traditional E-commerce
1.4.1 Great Social Changes Help Efficiently Attract Traffic at a Low Cost, and The Users Are Buyers and Promoters at The Same Time
1.4.2 Decentralized Communication Network Based on Individual Users Provides Vast Space For Long Tail Commodities
1.4.3 From Search-based shopping to finding-based shopping, Facilitating Purchases and Improving Conversion rate

2 Diversified Models: Social E-commerce Models and Case Study
2.1 Industrial Chain of Social E-commerce in China 2019
2.2 Classification and Comparison of Social E-commerce Models
2.3 Typical Social E-commerce Model and Case Study
2.3.1 Group Buying Social E-commerce
2.3.2 Membership-based Social E-commerce
2.3.3 Community Group Buying
2.3.4 Content Social E-commerce

3 Challenges and Opportunities: Development Trends of Social E-commerce
3.1 Improving The Policy Supervision and Promoting The Standard Development of The Industry
3.2 The Fast Development of The Industry Creates New Opportunities For Startups, and The Ecosystem Based on Social E-commerce is Taking Shape
3.3 Social Marketing Will become The Standard Practice of The E-commerce Enterprises. Affected by The Intensified Competition, The Marginal Effect of The User Growth Driven by Input in Social Traffic is Greatly Weakened
3.4 Models Themselves Are Not Competitive Barriers. Refinement Operation and Supply Chain Capacity Are Still The Core

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