H1 2019 WeChat Mini Program Market Report

Source:iResearchSeptember 10,20198:12 AM Overview The growth of demographic dividend is plateauing. It has become an important strategy for the leading internet companies to focus on developing mini programs. Relying on the huge pool of traffic of the super APPs, mini programs have different functions affected by the differences in traffic and scenarios. Enjoying the biggest pool of social traffic in China, WeChat mini programs attract user traffic in a restrained way and empowers life, entertainment, social and other scenarios. More analysis can be seen in the full report with 47 pages.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

Preface & Abstract
1. Rise of WeChat Mini Programs
1.1 Background of the Emergence of WeChat Mini Programs
1.2 Summary of Mini Program Platforms
1.3 Ecosystem of WeChat Mini Programs
1.4 Ways Adopted by WeChat Mini Programs to Attract Traffic
1.5 Scenarios Enabled by WeChat Mini Programs
1.6 Survey of Users of WeChat Mini Programs

2. Development of WeChat Mini Programs
2.1 Development Trends of WeChat Mini Programs
2.2 Development of WeChat Mini Program in Key Industries
2.2.1 E-commerce Industry
2.2.2 Food Delivery Industry
2.2.3 Comprehensive Information Industry 2.2.4 Travel Industry

3. Portrait of Users of WeChat Mini Programs
3.1 Portrait of Users of Qunjielong Mini Program
3.2 Portrait of Users of VivaVideo + Mini Program
3.3 Portrait of Users of sina.weibolite 
3.4 Portrait of Users of eLong Mini Program

4. List of Top WeChat Mini Programs
4.1 List - Top WeChat Mini Programs by Growth Rate in Q2 2019

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