2019 China’s Wealth Management & TAMP Model Report

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In recent years, the finance sector has been affected by problems like bad management, runaway bosses, bankruptcy, etc. The investors in China are eager to have professional and transparent asset allocation services. On the supply side, the abolishment of “rigid payment” has become a definite regulatory requirement, so it will be an inevitable trend for the entire industrial chain of asset supply and distribution to be reshuffled and restructured. In this context, the Turn-key Asset Management Platform (TAMP) model from the US will be an ideal tool for FinTech to transform the traditional personal finance and investment service industry.More analysi can be seen in the full report with 62 pages. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report


1 Development of Pan Wealth Management Industry in China and The Significance of TAMP
1.1 Foundation For The Development of Pan Wealth Management Market
1.2 Structure of Pan Wealth Management Market
1.3 Social Financing Demand is Met by The Financial Products of Wealth Management and Asset Management Institutions
1.4 The Fast Growth of The Market Size is Slowing Down and Tends to be Stable
1.5 New Players like Wealth Management Subsidiaries of the Banks Are Emerging in The Industry
1.6 Prospect of Wealth Management Subsidiaries of the Banks
1.7 Development History of Separated Operation and Separated Supervision of Asset Management Industry
1.8 New Rules For Asset Management Were Rolled Out to Regulate The Development of The Industry
1.9 Rigid Payment Distorted The Real Risks
1.10 The Capital Pool Model Makes it Possible for Rigid Payment
1.11 After Abolishment of Rigid Payment, The Investors Are More Divided
1.12 Major Problems With The Wealth Management Institutions
1.13 Changes in The Ecosystem of Wealth Management Institutions
1.14 Pain Points of Decentralized Industry

2 Overview of TAMP Model and Case Study of TAMP Enterprises in The US
2.1 Concept and Services of TAMP
2.2 Major Accounts, Functions and Rate of TAMPs in The US
2.3 Value Created by TAMPs For Financial Planners
2.4 Independent Investment Advisers in The US
2.5 TAMP Wealth Management Market in The US
2.6 TAMP Wealth Management Market Grows Steadily in The US
2.7 Overview of Star TAMPs in The US
2.8 Case Study 1 (1/5): AssetMark
2.9 Case Study 1 (2/5): AssetMark
2.10 Case Study 1 (3/5): AssetMark
2.11 Case Study 1 (4/5): AssetMark
2.12 Case Study 1 (5/5): AssetMark
2.13 Case Study 2 (1/3): SEI
2.14 Case Study 2 (2/3): SEI
2.15 Case Study 2 (3/3): SEI
2.16 Case Study 3 (1/3): Envestnet
2.17 Case Study 3 (2/3): Envestnet
2.18 Case Study 3 (3/3): Envestnet
2.19 Case Study 4 (1/2): Brinker Capital
2.20 Case Study 4 (2/2): Brinker Capital
2.21 Case Study 5 (1/1): Charles Schwab

3 Development and Trends of TAMP in China
3.1 Major Application Links of TAMP in China
3.2 Value Created by TAMP For The Industry
3.3 Classification of Wealth Management TAMP
3.4 Size and Forecast of TAMP Market in China
3.5 The Third-party Wealth Management Industry is Increasingly Fragmented
3.6 Portrait of TAMP Users in China
3.7 Case Study of Domestic Enterprises (1/5): MX Federation
3.8 Case Study of Domestic Enterprises (2/5): NewBanker
3.9 Case Study of Domestic Enterprises (3/5): SX Finance Service
3.10 Case Study of Domestic Enterprises (4/5): OneConnect
3.11 Case Study of Domestic Enterprises (5/5): Manqian
3.12 Development Trends of Domestic TAMP in China
3.13 Final Development of TAMP Market in China

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