2019 China’s Basic Cloud Services Industry Report

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Thanks to the results of market education in the previous years and driven by the external factors, such as policies, economy and environment in China, the revenue of cloud service market kept growing rapidly and exceeded 100 (102.6) billion Yuan in 2018. the basic resources are constantly promoted by cloud service and providers of basic cloud services are also increasing their efforts and are more aggressive. The revenue of basic cloud services market (especially the public cloud market) has seen explosive growth in the recent two years and now is almost 80 billion Yuan. More analysis can be seen in the full report with 66 pages.

Table of Contents of The Full Report


1 Overview of Basic Cloud Services Industry in China
1.1 Definition of Basic Cloud Services
1.2 Context For The Development of Domestic Basic Cloud Services
1.3 Revenue and Forecast of Domestic Cloud Service Market
1.4 Revenue and Forecast of Domestic Basic Cloud Services Market
1.5 Structure and Map of Basic Cloud Services Industry in China
1.6 Competition Landscape of Basic Cloud Services Market in China

2 Development of Basic Cloud Services in China Overview of The Development of Basic Cloud Services
2.1 Product & Function: Innovative Forms of Delivery
2.1.1 The Nature of the Evolution of Product/Function of Basic Cloud Services
2.1.2 The Evolution of Computing Services
2.1.3 The evolution of Storage Services
2.1.4 The evolution of Network Services
2.1.5 Integrated Services The evolution of Integrated Services
2.1.6 Summary of The Evolution Path of The Product/Function of Basic Cloud Services
2.2 Model & Architecture: Rise of Cloud Native
2.2.1 From Distributed to Cloud Native
2.2.2 Container: Cornerstone of Cloud Native
2.2.3 MicroServices: Skeleton Cloud Native
2.2.4 DevOps: Methodology of Cloud Native
2.2.5 Summary of The Evolution Path of The Model/Architecture of Basic Cloud Services
2.3 Industry & Ecosystem: Healthy Industry Ecosystem
2.3.1 Overview of The Ecosystem of Basic Cloud Services
2.3.2 Internal Ecosystem: CDN
2.3.3 Internal Ecosystem: Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
2.3.4 Internal Ecosystem: CMP/MSP
2.3.5 Internal Ecosystem: Differentiation at The PaaS Level
2.3.6 External Ecosystem: SaaS/ISV
2.3.7 External Ecosystem: Channel Distributors, SI and MSP

2.4 Scenario & Boundary: Room For Imagination Driven by Emerging Technology
2.4.1 The Necessity For Emerging Technologies to Use Cloud Services
2.4.2 Cloud + IoT: Edge Cloud Computing
2.4.3 Cloud + AI: Intelligent Cloud
2.4.4 Cloud + Big Data 2.4.5 Cloud + X

3 Case Study of Basic Cloud Services Enterprises
3.1 Alibaba Cloud
3.2 Tencent Cloud
3.3 Baidu Intelligent Cloud
3.4 Huawei Cloud 3.5 JD Cloud
3.6 RongCloud 3.7 Alauda Cloud

4 Summary and Outlook of The Development of Basic Cloud Services
4.1 Exploration of Development Opportunity: Scenarios
4.2 Exploration of Development Opportunity: Overseas
4.3 Exploration of Development Opportunity: Industrial Internet
Appendix - Statistical Caliber

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