2019 China's Education Information Industry Report

Source:iResearchSeptember 29,20198:46 AM Overview The revenue of education information market in China is expected to exceed 430 billion Yuan in 2019, of which government spending on education will account about 70%-80%. This indicates that state appropriation plays a major role in promoting the development of the industry. More analysis can be seen in the full report with 57 pages.


Table of Contents of The Full Report



1 Macro Environment: With Favorable Environment and Conditions
1.1 Why it is Necessary to Study the Education Information Industry
1.2 Focus of This Report
1.3 Major Types of Customers in Education Information Industry
1.4 Major Types of Services in Education Information Industry
1.5 Development History of Education Information Industry
1.6 Macro Environment For Development of Education Information Industry

2 Market Potential: a Four-hundred-billion-Yuan Market to be Divided  
2.1 Total Revenue of Education Information Industry
2.2 Revenue of Education Information Industry by Market Segment

3 Industrial Chain: Focusing on Products, Services and Most Importantly Channels
3.1 Industrial Chain of Education Information Industry
3.2 Players in The Upstream Industrial Chain and Their Features
3.3 Players in The Midstream Industrial Chain and Their Features
3.4 Big Differences in The User Demands and Services in The Downstream of The Industrial Chain

4 Market Features: Competition Between Various Players, Each With Special Strength
4.1 Quite Different Demands at Different Education Stages
4.2 The Market is Extremely Segmented
4.3 Channel is King and Strong Regional Characteristics
4.4 Intensifying Cross-industry Competition
4.5 Internet Giants Entering The 2B Market
4.6 Education Giants Entering The 2B Market

5 Insights Into Development: Exploration of a New Round of Growth Points
5.1 Cross Competition and Cross Cooperation
5.2 Some Players Are Developing Into SI
5.3 The Big Enterprises Are Focusing on Building Industrial Ecosystem
5.4 Applicability of “Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs”
5.5 Technologies Promoting The Upgrade of Product/Experience/Services
5.6 The Market of Consumer Value-added Services is Worth Developing
5.7 Suggestions & Outlook
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