2019 China's Marketing Cloud Market Report

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The report makes an anlysis of marketing cloud from concept, background,status and trends. Without strict definition, marketing cloud can be interpreted from three 
angles.The market develops amidst twists and turns and many application scenarios are well accepted. Competitive factors affect the development of marketing cloud market: competition value from product R&D to content marketing.Maturation is inevitable and the concept will be less important.From industry development to business practice, the infrastructure will have a higher value. More analysis can be seen in the full report with 54 pages.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

2019 Background of Research on China’s Marketing Cloud Market

Abstract of The Report

1: Concept Definition – Marketing Operations on The Stock Market
1.1 Structural Changes in Marketing Ecosystems from The Perspective of The Marketing Theory of 4Ps
1.2 Market Potential Lies in Services Based on Cloud Computing and The Five Features
1.3 Interpretation of Value of Marketing Cloud From Three Angles
1.4 Marketing Cloud Originated Overseas and is Promoted by Advertising Technologies in China

2: Development Environment – Full of Opportunities and to be Explored
2.1 Opportunity: From Consumer Internet to Industrial Internet, The Application of Marketing Cloud is Constantly Promoted by Policies
2.2 Opportunity: Enterprise SaaS Develops Fast and Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of Almost 40% in The Next 3 Years
2.3 Opportunity: In the Stock Market of Internet, The Strategy is Shifting From Traffic Expansion to Customer Operation
2.4 Opportunity: Competitive Barriers Based on Media Ecosystem Provides Sufficient Room For The Growth of Domestic Market
2.7 Opportunity: SaaS Providers Engaged in Marketing Are Eventually Recognized by Top Enterprises and The Capital Market
2.8 Challenges: The Backward Enterprise Informatization Leads to Slow Development of Marketing Cloud Market
2.9 Challenges: Advertisers Have a Fuzzy Perception of the Application of Marketing Cloud
2.10 Challenges: As a Newly Introduced Concept, Marketing Cloud Still Needs Time to Become Popular and be Applied
2.11 Challenges: Both Native Marketing and Transformation Face Bottleneck

3: Status of The Industry – The Market is Taking on a Clear Pattern
3.1 Overseas Marketing Cloud Market: IT Giants Are Entering The Marketing Cloud Market, All Aiming to Improve Customer Experiences
3.2 Overseas Marketing Cloud Market: Affected by Constant M&A, The Marketing Cloud Market is Highly Concentrated
3.3 Overseas Marketing Cloud Market: Customer Subscription is The Core Business Model Helping The Enterprises Configure Information at a Lower Cost
3.4 Overseas Marketing Cloud Market: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Has Been Growing Faster Than Sales Cloud Over The Five Years
3.5 Overseas Marketing Cloud Market: The Domestic Market is Not Mature and The Enterprises Face Challenges in Recognition and Market Competition
3.6 Domestic Marketing Cloud Market: Driven by Industrial Internet, The Revenue of Marketing Cloud Market Will Exceed 10 Billion Yuan
3.7 Ecosystem of China’s Marketing Cloud Market
3.8 Marketing Cloud Scenarios: Development of Marketing Cloud is The Cloud Penetration of Marketing Scenarios
3.9 The Nature of Marketing Cloud Scenarios is to Identify, Attract, Retain and Cultivate Customers
3.10 Players on Marketing Cloud Market: The Players With Different Foundations Will Reshape The Market
3.11 Players on Marketing Cloud Market: Opportunities For Players to Enter China’s Marketing Cloud Market
3.12 Competitive Factors Affecting The Development of Marketing Cloud Market: Product Development
3.13 Competitive Factors Affecting The Development of Marketing Cloud Market: Sales Strategy
3.14 Competitive Factors Affecting The Development of Marketing Cloud Market: Content Marketing

4: Typical Enterprises: Innovative Practice Centering on Marketing Operation
4.1 Provider of CRM: Fxiaoke
4.2 Provider of CRM: Fxiaoke
4.3 Provider of SCRM: Mai SCRM
4.4 Provider of SCRM: Mai SCRM
4.5 Provider of Video Marketing Services: Virtual Hall
4.6 Provider of Video Marketing Services: Virtual Hall
4.7 Marketing Service Provider: Mobvista
4.8 Marketing Service Provider: Mobvista
4.9 Integrated Cloud Service Provider: Marketing Cloud of JD Cloud
4.10 Integrated Cloud Service Provider: Marketing Cloud of JD Cloud
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