2019 China's HR SaaS Sector Report

Source:iResearchOctober 25,20198:49 AM Overview
HR SaaS plays a vital role in the digital transformation of HR management. From useful tools at the early stage to the application of data analysis in the management process, the demand of the enterprises regarding management is no longer about single services but about integrated modules. In the future, intelligent decisions based on integration of data on all modules will promote the industry to a new stage. More analysis can be seen in the full report with 31 pages.


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Overview of HR SaaS Sector
1.1 Definition of Research Scope
1.2 Main Function Modules of HR SaaS
1.3 Core Value of HR SaaS

2 Insights Into China’s HR SaaS Sector
2.1 Development History of China’s HR SaaS Sector
2.2 Factors Driving The Development of China’s HR SaaS Market
2.3 Investment & Financing Activities on China’s HR SaaS Market
2.4 Development Characteristics of China’s HR SaaS Market
2.5 Competitive Factors of HR SaaS Providers in China
2.6 Charge Mode of HR SaaS in China
2.7 Structure and Map of The Industrial Chain of China’s HR SaaS Sector

3 Case Study of Typical Enterprises
3.1 KNX
3.2 GaiaWorks
3.3 Workday

4 Development Trends of China’s HR SaaS Sector
4.1 Outlook of HR SaaS Evolution Path
4.2 Development Direction of HR SaaS: PaaS
4.3 Development Direction of HR SaaS: Data Intelligence

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